What Yoga Moves to Avoid on Your Period (And Which to Prioritize)

What Yoga Moves to Avoid on Your Period (And Which to Prioritize)

Just because it’s that time of the month when good ol’ Aunt Flo comes to town, doesn’t mean the modern woman is going to bow down and give up her regular yoga sessions completely – although there may be a few tweaks in order! Here are some yoga poses you may want to avoid – and others you will want to focus on! – during your period.




These poses, while usually beneficial, will tend to only ramp up your period pain, halt blood flow and increase negative side effects.



While typically a pose that helps strengthen your core, this position also quite literally flips your world upside down at a time when you would like gravity to be your ally more than ever, for obvious, flowing reasons.



While this pose also lifts your pelvis up above your head (and for that reason alone may be something you’d rather not do), this pose also has the tendency to put quite a lot of pressure on your back, which can be magnified during your period, as back pain can already present itself loudly and proudly then.



You’ll still be able to work on this back strengthening move after your period – while you’re on it, this pose will really just add more pressure and pain to your already over-worked lower back.



This position’s typical muscle strengthening pros are far outweighed by period-induced cons: this is a pose that will, more than anything, amplify the side effects of your period and add to your pain, as it puts greater pressure on the lower back and tilts your uterus upward.




Conversely, some yoga poses can actually be quite beneficial and can help reduce cramps and keep that flow going in a healthy manner.



This seated pose is super sensitive to an already uncomfortable lower body and its prime benefit is in opening up the pelvic area, which encourages healthy menstrual flow.



With both legs spread wide, this pose lets you stretch those hamstrings and your spine while still being able to sit. It does not add any pressure to already affected areas and can potentially help relieve cramps.



If you want to work your spine and your core a bit still, this seated pose is the perfect option to lengthen your spine, stretch your hamstrings and release tension in your back.



Truly a winner while being on your period, this position lets you stay totally reclined! Your legs bending outward stretches and strengthens your pelvis, and the time spent literally lying down will force you to relax and recoup.

One of the main concerns while exercising on your period – especially exercises that involve a lot of stretching and opening of the pelvis – can be leaks and spotting. Invest in a good leak-proof bodysuit or pair of leggings and release your inner yoga goddess every day of the year without fear.

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