Just tried the [Swim] Bottom today for swimming lesson. I was really nervous at first and was afraid that everyone in the pool would notice. No one in the pool noticed! I was also worried about leakage and it showing in the pool but no worries there! Now I can join in swimming fun that time of the month without using those awful tampons I do not like! Thanks Ruby Love!

— Teshia

The swimwear collection is just what I was looking for! I am finally able to go to the beach and enjoy the sun on my period! They look great and suprisingly are very discreet.


I live in Australia and wanted to tell you what a lifesaver these pants were for me and my young girls. These were wonderful.


My 12 year old daughter got her period last summer. There were always leaks in her underwear, even a nighttime pad would not stop her pajamas and sheets from getting stained. I can say [Ruby Love Teen] have been a fantastic success! She finds them so comfortable and has not once had a nighttime leak! She can now relax on sleepovers and has no worries when wearing her skort for sports at school as there is no chance of the pad being seen. Thank you for an amazing product that really does make life easier for those awkward teenager years.

— Mrs. Rundle

Saw these on Facebook in November and thought it was too good to be true. Tricked me. I never leave reviews, but these work great. I used them last month during my period and it definitely was a peace of mind. You should market these underwear to high school students.

— Jazleen

Perfect, perfect, perfect. I love your product. This is my second purchase, and now I am here to buy underwear for my daughter.

— Anastasia

I brought two pair last month, one for me, and one for my 14 year old daughter. I like that this gives you options. My daughter already wore hers last week, and she said she felt so much better at school not having to worry about stains — that made me happy as a mom.

— Janie

The period kit was one of the most memorable moments I think I will ever have with my daughter. Everything was super cute and useful. It definitely made her feel better about getting her period.

— Lena H.

Boy did they relieve a lot of my stress on my cruise last week. I had no problems. I even went in the Jacuzzi. They worked excellent. No problems at all.

— Delo R.

My hi-cut panties are perfect. Extremely comfortable and awesome. I am very hard to please, and these exceeded my expectation.

— Connie