Tea To Drink On Your Period

Tea To Drink On Your Period

Get ready because we are going full-on wellness today! Here's the tea… tea is great for you when you are on your period! Those little tea leaves can really make a difference during your time of the month. Let’s go through a few options for you during your period.


Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea has a lot of awesome properties that help cramps and bloating. First off it has antispasmodic properties that help with cramping. Antispasmodic means that it can be used to relieve muscle spasms, which is basically what cramps are. As mentioned earlier cinnamon can ALSO help with that dreaded bloating feeling you might get during your time of the month. Cinnamon is known to be an anti-inflammatory substance, which in turn will help with feeling bloated AND with your cramps (what can’t cinnamon do?!). Making cinnamon tea is super easy too! To make it, you can simply add cinnamon to some water and boil it for 15 minutes. But if cinnamon tea isn't your thing you can always just sprinkle it on top of other foods like smoothies, apples, or oatmeal!


Peppermint Tea

You may associate peppermint tea with the holidays, but guess what? Your period happens year round! So if you want to fix all your period woes, suck it up and drink this tea all year long! Peppermint tea can quite literally do it all. Not only is it good for clearing your sinuses (sorry getting off topic here) but it’s also known to help with cramps, bloating, and fatigue! The reason for this? MENTHOL!! Similar to cinnamon tea, peppermint tea has antispasmodic properties, helping those pain-in-the-uterus cramps you’re experiencing every month. This tea is also known to help with that super uncomfortable bloating feeling and it can even wake you up during this time of the month! Drop that coffee and grab yourself a peppermint tea!


Chamomile Tea

This one… you’re either gonna love it or hate it. Some say it smells like a farm BUT if you can get past that, this tea is gonna be awesome on your period. Chamomile tea is truly very soothing and it has calming properties which are perfect if you experience a little anxiety during your period. And it can really help soothe your tummy if you get a little… bloated ( AKA gassy) during your period. If you experience any of these symptoms during your period, this farm smelling chamomile might just be for you!

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Okay, this tea is the tea to end all teas. As we know, PMS symptoms occur as the result of hormone imbalances (progesterone and estrogen going wild in your body). Red Raspberry leaf tea cleanses the blood of the excess hormones in your body and helps to regulate these hormones. In other words, say goodbye to PMS forever!!! Okay, maybe not forever but this tea really helps! In order for this tea to work, you should be drinking it daily, one to two weeks before your period is due to start. This will help you get head of those nasty PMS symptoms! Happy drinking!

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