The Free Bleeding Movement

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The Free Bleeding Movement

Free bleeding is simply a feminist practice in which women opt to menstruate without the use of sanitary products offered for menstrual bleeding. Although it has not received a warm welcome on the international scene, it is a great leap in the attempt to make menstrual bleeding more acceptable and less of a taboo in society.

Why some women freebleed


The choice to abstain from the use of sanitary products by menstruating women has gained significant traction in relation to women's health concerns over the past few years. In fact, the women who are part of the free bleeding movement cite their discomfort with the sanitary products available in the market today. Besides this, they are vocal about the lack of inclusion of women in the decision-making process with regards to what is best for a woman to wear during menstruation. The lack of inclusion of women in the design of these products has further reinforced the taboo associated with menstrual bleeding.

Free Bleeding: what you need to know about this movement is that it has been championed by renowned celebrities and key public figures in society who are fighting for women rights in making healthy choices about their bodies with regards to menstrual bleeding.

Although a majority of women up until the 1700s free bled, the natural bodily process of menstrual bleeding is still a taboo today and women who choose to free bleed are attacked with satirical rhetoric about hygiene and modernity. It is a frustration that most women who choose to break free from the use of uncomfortable sanitary pads are faced with universally. The female body is naturally wired to bleed monthly and as natural as it is, the use of intrusive products such as tampons and sanitary pads should be a choice. You can also opt for period panties as well which are specially designed panties that wick away moisture from your delicate bits and protect your clothes from stains.

It has become a social standard and a cultural pillar in the modern world for women to wear sanitary products even if they are uncomfortable or disagreeable to them. As a result, women do not really have the freedom to make a personal choice and those that do are silent about it. A majority of women who prefer to free bleed are accused of backwardness and have either to miss school or work to free bleed.

On the other hand, a majority of teenagers and women in poor and developing countries have no access to sanitary products because they are not affordable to them. Furthermore, some teenagers in these countries have been shut from speaking and learning about their bodies and have no awareness of the menstrual cycle until it has set in. The taboo and health issues related to the menstrual cycle are the main catalysts of the free bleeding movement.


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