Period Swimwear vs Tampons

Period Swimwear vs Tampons

Discover the liberating comfort of our Period Swimwear—a game-changer for women looking to enjoy swimming, diving, or simply lounging worry-free during their cycle, all without the hassle of traditional tampons. Join us as we delve into the unique features that set apart Ruby Love Period Swimwear from conventional tampons.

Period Swimwear

Ruby Love Period Swimwear revolutionizes your beach days by eliminating the necessity for tampons. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Period Swimwear is designed to securely contain your period flow, ensuring worry-free enjoyment whether you're swimming or basking in the sun. Our innovative technology includes a discreet, absorbent liner strategically positioned to capture your flow. Comfortable, eco-friendly, and versatile, our swimwear can be paired with our reusable Double-Sided Pads for those with heavier flows. Say goodbye to the discomfort and inconvenience of traditional tampons—experience a more efficient and comfortable alternative with Ruby Love.

Traditional Tampons

For generations, women have relied on the traditional tampons for managing their periods, valuing their absorbent capability and long-lasting wear. However, the discomfort and occasional pain of insertion, not to mention the irritating dryness and itchiness they can cause, have made some users wary. Perhaps the most chilling concern is the rare but serious threat of toxic shock syndrome—a bacterial infection that can release toxins into the bloodstream. While modern technology has made this occurrence exceedingly rare, the fear of such a serious infection remains a very real worry for tampon users.

Why Our Period Swimwear is The Right Choice

You should be able to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach without the worry of leaks, or the pitfalls of using tampons or regular pads. At Ruby Love we’re all about making sure you remain comfortable and worry free during your time of the month.

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