Why Do You Get Heartburn Before Your Period?

Why Do You Get Heartburn Before Your Period?

Ouch! Are you feeling a bit of pain in your chest? Before you panic and think you’re having a heart attack, there’s a pretty good chance that you might be experiencing heartburn. The possibility is even greater if your period is on the way.


Heartburn right before your period sounds unpleasant, and it usually is, but are you wondering, why do you get heartburn before your period? So are we so let’s discuss!


Are you PMSing? PMS, or Premenstrual Syndrome, is a group of symptoms that women receive before and during their period. Some of the common ones are cramping, bloating, fatigue, and headaches. Another side effect that some women experience is heartburn. While this might be common for some, we can’t help but ask why?


When it comes to your period, you might experience an acid reflux menstrual cycle. If you usually experience acid reflux, you might find that heartburn and indigestion are more common before and during your period. For those who have never experienced heartburn, there is no difference in the symptoms. It often starts off like a burning sensation in the chest shortly after you eat. This can sometimes be followed by bloating, another common symptom of PMS.


Now that we understand the connection between your acid reflux, menstrual cycle, and heartburn, we can talk about why you might be experiencing this. It seems that it all starts with the hormones. We all know that throughout our menstrual cycle, our hormones are continuously fluctuating. This change might be the cause of your heartburn.


Between the esophagus and stomach, you’ll find the esophageal sphincter. It is believed that the hormones associated with your menstrual cycle (progesterone, estrogen, FSH, etc.) will cause the sphincter to relax. Since it is known that the stomach is extremely acidic, and so are its contents, the relaxation of the esophageal sphincter can cause the contents to enter the esophagus, thus leading to the burning sensation or heartburn.


While you might believe that this heartburn is different from your regular heartburn, it is exactly the same. This means that you’d treat it just the same. Antacids are usually prescribed or given over the counter to those dealing with heartburn. They’ll help neutralize the acids which in turn will relieve you of the pain. Although antacids work wonders for those with heartburn, those with severe cases would have to consult with their doctors for a stronger medication.


Some tips to help with your heartburn would be first to stay away from foods that increase acid production. This would be all the fatty, greasy foods that we love but should stay away from anyway! Second, don’t lay down flat on your stomach or back after eating. You should adopt a slightly elevated position which will prevent any stomach acids from flowing up to the esophagus.


Heartburn is definitely uncomfortable so why would you want to deal with it before and during your period? Instead, be sure to keep away from fatty foods, keep your upper body elevated, and keep those antacids on deck!

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