Underwear and swimwear with leak-proof protection


Ruby Love. Founded by women, for everyone.

Founded by Crystal Etienne in 2015 and formerly known as PantyProp, Ruby Love is an apparel company rooted in the belief that periods should never stop women from doing, being and going. She developed a smart, intuitive, patent-pending technology that offers maximum absorption, protection against leaks and stains, peace of mind, and complete discretion, so period days can be like every other day.

Ruby Love.


Our technology features a discreet, built-in absorbent organic cotton liner that is perfectly angled to collect your flow. All of our products can be worn with or without a tampon or menstrual cup.

Our proprietary dri-tech mesh helps stop front, side and back leaks  collecting your flow before it travels. *If you need additional protection, it also securely locks in our double-sided pad (sold here!) or a sanitary pad in place.

What you do get: Security, comfort and leak-free peace of mind. All of our products are reusable! Help us save the planet and reduce landfill waste. Enjoy being leak free with confidence and comfort so you can do anything!

What you don’t get: No Leaks. No Odors. No Plastics. No Polyurethane Laminate (PUL).

*Absorbent liner built-in. Maximum protection.


Let's talk leaks, stains, periods and incontinence

Who can wear Ruby Love?

All who experience menstruation and incontinence

  • Women
  • Girls
  • Men
  • Elderly

How does Ruby Love help women?

  • It’s leak-proof, odor-free and won't slip or chafe. Wear it alone or with our double-sided pad (sold here!), tampon, menstrual cup or sanitary pad during a heavier flow.
  • It’s a safe alternative for women who can't use tampons or menstrual cups due to fibroids, cysts, etc. or cultural reasons.
  • It provides new moms stylish leak-proof, odor-free underwear when dealing with postpartum bleeding and incontinence.

How does Ruby Love help girls?

  • It’s the safe, leak-proof underwear helping girls navigate their first period with confidence and comfort so they can do anything.
  • Gives them the freedom to stay active. Swim, run, and jump discreetly and worry-free during their period days.
  • Girls aren't pressured to insert foreign objects like tampons or menstrual cups, often riddled with chemicals, into their bodies at an early age — but they still get total security.

How does Ruby Love help men?

  • Men leak too, because of stress or illness-related incontinence. Ruby Love boxer briefs are discrete, absorbent, and odor-free.

How does Ruby Love help the elderly?

  • It absorbs leaks, is odor free, and its unique design eliminates embarrassing bulk and bumps that are visible through their clothes.




Crystal Etienne is a mom (of two gorgeous kids), wife and multitasking businesswoman who, like so many of us, juggles 50 things in a single day. She’s a woman who gets her period once a month and deals with stress incontinence. In August 2015, after helping her daughter navigate the ups-and-downs of “Aunt Flo,” “the crimson wave” or whatever euphemism kids are calling periods these days, Crystal decided enough was enough.

Recognizing that the hygiene and personal care industry needed safer, healthier, and easier options for individuals of all ages and genders Crystal set out to better address common questions like “Why settle for products that were designed decades ago, are uncomfortable and which fail us constantly? Why give young girls objects – that are often riddled with chemicals – to insert into their bodies? Why stress over the embarrassment and shame of leaks and stained clothes and sheets? And why not wear white with confidence, race in the swim meet or sit through hours-long board meetings without worrying?”

As a Type-A perfectionist, Crystal spent years testing hundreds of prototypes, tweaking designs, and being her own best guinea pig to perfect the exact equation of design, technology, fit and most importantly, security behind each product. She launched PantyProp, now known as Ruby Love, on December 5, 2015, with products available for purchase shortly thereafter in January 2016. 

Crystal rebranded her company as Ruby Love and relaunched on June 11, 2019. “Ruby” denotes your period, a timeless gem symbolizing health and growth, while “Love” represents our commitment to continue to deliver the highest level of care. Together, Ruby Love brings to life the brand’s supportive, unifying messaging that periods should never stop women from doing, being and going.