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Top Essentials to Include in the First Period Care Package

Experiencing anything new can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming, especially for your child. Her first puppy love, her first kiss, even her first time to have a pet—all these “firsts” are memorable. And when it comes to her first period, you’d also want it to be a special and wonderful moment for her. Make it so with a thoughtfully prepared first period care package. We’ve come up with this easy yet essential guide in creating one to make your not-so-little one’s first feminine milestone a memory she will cherish forever.

What is a first period care package, anyway? 

First period care package was probably not even an actual thing back then. It used to be that girls would have a regular pouch with two pockets, each containing one feminine pad, and that was that. Now that it’s your daughter’s turn to enter puberty, she can enjoy first mense packages that are savvier, even a bit sassier compared to their forerunners. 

A first period care package is a discreet, all-in-one pouch or bag containing all the menstrual care essentials, plus maybe a bit more, to help your child handle herself better as she goes through her first menstruation. When she finally does, she will have everything she needs right from inside that pouch to keep herself hygienic and feeling fresh and confident.

Gifting her with such can also present a special bonding moment for you and your child, as you’ll have the opportunity to share your own experiences and give her tips on how to deal more confidently with her first period.

Creating a first period care package 

#1. Choosing the pouch

Picking the right pouch ensures that all the menstrual care things that your girl needs are in one place. Additionally, having a complete “set of tools” ready at any time can help her feel more organized and in control as she deals with the different amazing things happening to her body.

Choose a period pouch that’s easy to wash (even with just wipes), so it doesn’t add to your girl’s to-do list. Also, keep it lightweight to make it easy and comfortable to carry around.

A perfect kit would be handy yet large enough to carry all the period essentials. To find the best pouch size for your daughter, it may be a good idea to ask her what she’s comfortable with. She may want it to be a bit bigger to include things other than feminine hygiene products. Guide her by making suggestions and giving her the freedom to decide for herself.

#2. Getting the essentials

It may be that you’d want to ease your girl into her menstrual experience by choosing the usual feminine pads for her. But it’s also possible that she may want to use menstrual cups from the very beginning. Enlighten her with the pros and cons of each period product so she can make the best decision for herself. Regardless of her preference, you may ask her to consider throwing in a pad or two as a safety net. We recommend these essentials to include in her first period care package.

Feminine hygiene pads 

Wearing feminine pads will be a cinch for your daughter because she doesn’t need to insert anything anywhere. She can also easily double up or wear overnight pads if her flow is heavier than usual. Then she can switch to thinner versions for lighter days. Allow for 2 to 3 pad changes.

Period-proof underwear 

Not all girls (nor women, for that matter) are comfortable wearing feminine pads, tampons, or cups. Period apparel, such as Ruby Love Period Underwear, can give your child a sleeker choice, providing much protection, comfort, and security, especially during those heavy-flow days.

Hand sanitizer

Washing your hands with soap and water is always the best way to remove all sorts of germs from your hands. But there are times when there’s nowhere to wash. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can provide that temporary solution to quickly reduce the number of germs. Just remind your daughter to follow through with a thorough cleanse when soap and water become available.

Disposable wipes

Here, we’ll talk about two kinds of wipes. The first one is disposable hand wipes. These can be just as effective and convenient as hand sanitizers in getting rid of bacteria and germs from the hands, toilet seats, and toilet countertops.  

You can also include feminine body wipes in her kit to prepare for emergencies such as broken bidets. Ensure that her brand is FDA- and EPA-regulated (Food and Drug Administration/ Environmental Protection Agency) to protect both her pH levels and the environment.

Other menstrual products (if she prefers)

If your daughter decides to try other menstrual products, add a few to her period package. Tampons are small enough, so they’re pretty convenient. Also, if they’re inserted properly, they’re hardly felt. One major drawback, though, is the possibility of TSS or toxic shock syndrome from bacterial infections. To minimize the risk, find the lowest-absorbency tampon you can. Also, advise her to avoid single-tampon overnight use and to alternate tampons with pads during light flows.

Menstrual cups can also be another alternative. They can hold more blood and are safer to use than tampons. They are also eco-friendlier than tampons or feminine pads. If your daughter is comfortable with them, then, by all means, let her go for it.

#3. A few more “extras”  

You can opt to make your child’s first period care package more special with these helpful add-ons:

Period hacks + Q&A

A slim guide on FAQs and the best period hacks can give your daughter the information she needs to sail breezily through her first period experience.

Sleep mask

Her first mense can give her sleeping troubles. A sleep mask can help her block off the light to sleep more soundly and regulate her hormones.

Warm cozy socks 

The hormonal fluctuations in her period can cause flu-like symptoms like body aches and also affect her body temperature. Keep her toasty—and cared for—by including a pair of warm cozy socks in her first period care package.

Warming gel pads

As she adjusts to her menstrual period, she may have to deal with the discomfort of cramps. Help relieve her aches and pains by packing in warming gel pads, which can improve circulation and reduce muscle stiffness.

Making her “first time” special 

Make her feel more loved and protected with Ruby Love’s cool, “has-everything” First Period Kit. It has everything your girl will need to handle Aunt Flo! We’ve even added some extra flourishes, such as a Facial Essence Beauty Mask, an Inspiration Dairy Notepad, and of course, Ruby Love Period-Proof Seamless Teen Underwear.

With Ruby Love period apparel, take away the first-time jitters and make your daughter’s intro to womanhood as stress-free and as memorable as possible. Choose between our Teen Bliss Seamless Period Underwear, which have built-in maximum absorbency with a stitch-free design in second-skin fabric, or our Teen Period Sleep Boyshorts, which are leak-proof, cute and comfortable, and will not ride up. Let Ruby Love give your precious daughter the best time of the month—always! Check out our shop today.

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