Sleeping On Your Period: Best Positions to Lay in for Cramps

Sleeping On Your Period: Best Positions to Lay in for Cramps

It’s code red again, and you’re contemplating a critical decision: Should you sleep on the couch, that faithful witness to your PMS woes, or should you haul your sleepy self over to your bedroom? You face this drowsy dilemma every time Aunt Flo visits. Like a hibernating bear looking for the coziest spot, you lumber off, looking for the comfiest place to sleep in. But don’t feel guilty! Going with the, ehrm, flow rather than fighting off the Zzzs when you have your period can be a wise decision. Read on to find out why sleeping on your period—and choosing the best position to lay in for cramps—can actually be good for you.

But first, why do I get sleepy when I have my period?

Did you know that progesterone, the hormone responsible for regulating your menstrual cycle, takes center stage during those red-letter days of the month? When it does, it causes one or more of these premenstrual symptoms: menstrual cramps, mood swings, fatigue, and discomfort. It’s no wonder you get unusually tired and sleepy. However, see a doctor if changes in sleep patterns and other menstrual symptoms get so disruptive that they severely affect your activities.

Best positions to lay in for cramps

More often, though, it is not at all uncommon to feel sleepy when you have your menstruation. In fact, if you can sleep better during your period or perhaps, even sleep more, it can help relieve pain from menstrual cramps to make your period more comfortable. Seize the benefits of sleeping on your period by checking out these best positions to lay in for cramps.

The Fetal pose

Remember a time when the problems of this world were a tad overwhelming, and you so wished to crawl back into your mother’s womb? Well, that may be pushing it a bit too far. The point is, the fetal position is comforting because it relieves the pressure off your abdominal muscles. Once the skeletal muscles surrounding the abdomen (or your belly) relax, there is less tension not only in that area but in the nearby pelvis as well. Less tension means fewer cramps and less pain.

To get into this pose, curl up like a fetus. With your back bent forward and arms and legs drawn to your body, bring your head down and tuck your chin into your chest. Since your legs are pressed together, there is that added bonus of being able to keep leaks out. For even more leak-free and worry-free confidence, you can try period apparel, like Ruby Love's period bikini underwear, which can absorb 2.5 tampons’ worth of flow, or period loungewear, which also provides the same kind of all-night maximum protection.

The Child’s pose

If you’ve outgrown the fetus position, the Child’s pose can be an equally comforting option to lay in for cramps. This yoga pose can be beneficial, not just for those suffering from menstrual cramps but also for people with sleep apnea. The Child’s pose, a favorite sleeping position of youngsters, relieves pain in the neck and back and soothes both the mind and body.

To do this pose, rest with your knees on the floor. Draw your upper body close to your knees, and let your arms and hands lie loose on both sides. For a more comfortable position, you can bring your legs further apart.

The On-Your-Back pose

Similar to the Fetal pose, sleeping on your back can also take the pressure off your abdominal muscles.

The On-your-back pose can also allow you to self-massage your abdomen using aromatic oils, which can further ease the pain from menstrual cramps. Get more relief by placing a pillow under your knees. Make sure your legs are straight without locking your knees to prevent any injury.

The sleeping pose you can do without


Whatever you choose from the list of the best positions to lay in for cramps, avoid lying face down. When you’re on your stomach, your uterus can get squeezed and more blood can actually come out. This increases your chances of overnight leaks. Without the right kind of overnight protection, it will be even more difficult.

Period Wear You Can Sleep In

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