How to Deal With Your Period at Night

How to Deal With Your Period at Night

As if daytime period worries were not enough, we women have to think about preparing ourselves for the nighttime period woes while we are asleep as well. Not fair, right? It is hard to focus on what our body really needs (a good night’s rest) when that very same body is presenting us with a myriad of troubles and woes from dusk to dawn. When it comes to finally laying down to rest, here are some ways you can feel your best and be worry-free:


Don’t Toss and Turn


When your head hits the pillow, all you want to do is fall right asleep. Your period-experiencing body, however, may seem like it is doing its very best to thwart your slumber. From cramps to side-splitting pain to nausea and even bloating that can make getting comfortable almost impossible, start your routine before bed with a mind to beat it all.


Taking an anti-inflammatory an hour or so before hitting the hay will go along way to preventing pain and killing cramps. It may also help with the nightly bloating so that, rather than tossing and turning to find your sweet spot, you can start the night off comfortably.


Blessed Brews


Drinking some herbal tea is a fantastic aid as well. A tea containing chamomile will ease your body and soul into slumber, while a peppermint or spearmint mixture will not only feel warm going down, but it can have a soothing effect on nausea symptoms.


Don’t Worry About Bleeding on the Bed


There are countless horror stories about why you should not wear a tampon overnight (in truth, aside from the leak stoppage not being 100% assured, you will inevitably need to leave the tampon in for longer than the maximum safe eight hours and that can lead to a whole host of health issue). You still, though, will inevitably be worried about leaks – and pads are not comfortable for resting.


Consider, instead, some leak-proof sleep pants that prevent spills and stains while you rest. These will stop any overnight bleeding from seeping through onto your sheets and are also comfortable enough to actually, well, sleep in!


Skip the Diuretic at Night


If you are taking a diuretic pill to cut down on your daily bloating, make sure you're not taking it within several hours of your bedtime. Since those pills flush the water weight from your body by increasing your need to urinate, you definitely do not want one in your system when all you want to do is rest and, instead, you are being made to hop up and out of bed multiple times a night to run to the bathroom.


Save the water weight loss for the waking hours.


Sleeping through the night on your period may seem a little stressful, but you can, it turns out, prepare yourself well enough to make that nightly transition smooth, leak-free and as comfortable as possible.


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