Working Out While Menstruating

Working Out While Menstruating

We know, we know – when you are on your period, you just feel sluggish and bloated and lackluster, and the last thing you might want to do is get up and exercise. But, if you are up to it, getting in some movement can actually be good for you. Here’s your quick, go-to guide for working out during this time.




Since you are already feeling not your best, typically, at this time of the month, you will probably welcome anything that results in an uptick of endorphins. Like Elle Woods famously said, exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy! Also, movement stimulates blood flow and all that jazz, which can help ease those menstrual cramps.


As cramps are alleviated and good moods are boosted, you can find yourself feeling better in general – decreased symptoms lead to a happier disposition.




Still, there are some exercises that are even better than others to do while on your period. During the first few days when you are feeling your most uncomfortable, exercises that are lighter, gentler and less intense should be your first choices.


Keeping up with the cardio (at a lighter level) will actually be a good thing for you. Try something lower intensity, like power walking or some short aerobic rounds to keep your blood flowing but not overstressing your body.


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You will also find a friend in pilates and yoga at this time. These exercises relax and stretch your muscles and keep you nice and relaxed. The gentle stretching can help cut down on bloating, cramping and even muscle soreness.


Weight training is a surprising exercise that makes the best list. Resistance training is actually something that increases your strength and your metabolism, which fights back against bloat and water weight gain. Also, these type of exercises tend to specifically strengthen your lower back and abdominals, which boosts your fight against menstrual cramps and pain.




The other side of the best exercise coin is, of course, the worst exercises for this time. While every individual differs, of course, there are some top exercises that women tend to want to avoid at this time.


Generally, you will want to cut back on exercises that are heavy on the stress and fatigue or are too long – instead of running for five miles, maybe consider a two-mile jog, for instance. And, while yoga and pilates are generally a good idea, you will still want to avoid certain poses that involve being inverted (like shoulder or headstands) and ones that may over-stretch your muscles and possibly cause discomfort.


No matter what, be sure to not overexert yourself. You may need to take longer or more frequent breaks. And, if blood leakage is a concern, PantyProp’s leak-proof underwear are an indispensable period product in your arsenal for exercising. As long as you are listening to your body, though, you should be good to exercise and go!

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