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What Should My Daughter Wear to Gymnastics Class?

She's dreamed of this all her young life. Flawlessly executing floor exercises, maneuvering difficult flyaways, dancing to the rhythm. But soon, your teenage daughter won't just be dreaming anymore! Pretty soon, she'll be doing real flippy things at her first gymnastics class. But she hasn't a clue what to wear. No sweat! In this article, we'll help you figure out the all-important thing that gymnastics moms worry about: what to wear to first gymnastics class. So, let's jump right into it, shall we? 

What Not to Wear

But first things first. Let's simplify by eliminating what your teen is not supposed to wear. Here are a few items to scratch off your list of what to wear to first gymnastics class. 

#1. Baggy clothes 

As your teen tumbles and backflips, loose clothes can hang down and get in the way of her vision. This can be a safety hazard, especially with gymnastics equipment around. Your budding gymnast needs to have a clear line of sight to ensure proper mind-eye-and-muscle coordination and protect herself from any injury. Her coach should also be able to see her form well. Baggy clothes can also get caught on gymnastic apparatus and your teen's extremities, possibly leading to mishaps. 

#2. Restrictive clothing 

While your teen shouldn't be wearing "roomy" clothes, neither should she be in tight clothing that can put her "in a bind." Tight tops are fine, but jeans obviously aren't. Also, check for zippers and buttons that can easily get snagged on any object that juts out. 

#3. Jewelry 

Gymnastics moms naturally want their daughters to shine wherever they're training. However, having your teen put on jewelry is not the way to go. Personal ornaments and accessories like watches, necklaces, and earrings (especially large and dangly ones!) can get wedged into crevices and get your child to lose her balance. Worse, she can fall and even hurt someone else. Although there are some gyms that allow small studs, it may be best to leave any jewelry at home. 

#4. Tights 

Tights are, well, tight (which is suitable for gymnastics class), but they're also slippery. Since they completely cover the feet, your teen can slide and get injured. So make sure you cross this off your daughter's list of what to wear to first gymnastics class. 

Must-Have Apparel for Gymnastics Class

With the no-nos out of the way, let's now get down to business and talk about what to wear to first gymnastics class. Teachers in beginners classes generally won't require gymnastics shoes like grips or beam shoes. These are more for when your daughter decides to compete. So you needn't worry about any special sports footwear for now. This can mean more time (or shopping money!) to gather these first gymnastics class essentials. 

#1. Elastics

Your child's hair must be out of her face as she performs gymnastics moves. With all the twisting motions she'll be making, she'll need to have a hairstyle that won't whip her in the face. If she has shoulder-length tresses (or longer), she can sport a braid instead. Or she can use elastic headbands with enough grip to keep her hair in place without flying off. Whatever style she chooses, she's likely to use elastics to keep her hair from distracting her and taking points out of her performance. 

#2. Leotards 

This is the most basic item on the list of what to wear to first gymnastics class. Leotards are close-fitting one-piece garments that help gymnasts move freely and enable coaches to spot where they can provide physical support.   

For starters, you can give your teen a pair of training leotards.  These tight-fitting clothes also tend to be sleeveless and a tad looser than competition leotards to allow more comfort during training. However, Ruby Love Athletics Sleeveless Gymnastics Leotards are a snug fit and still uber comfortable. If the time comes when your daughter is ready to level up to competitive gymnastics, she may want a more professional look with Ruby Love Long Sleeve Gymnastics Leotards. But both these leotards aren’t just any pair of leotards—they're period gymnastics leotards! 

Period gymnastics leotards are specifically designed to help aspiring gymnasts move freely and perform their level best regardless of the time of the month. But don't just go for any brand. To ensure leak-free and period-proof protection as your teen  performs gravity-defying stunts, give her period apparel from Ruby Love Athletics. 

Ruby Love Athletics period apparel has a hi-tech "floating gusset" that moves and works perfectly for any athlete to protect from leaks and stains. Depending on flow, they can be worn alone or with a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup. With Ruby Love period leotards and other period apparel, your daughter can do anything, be it gymnastics, dance, cheer, or just plain fun! 

#3. Gymnastics shorts 

If your little lady chooses, she can wear black sports or gymnastics shorts over her leotards. The way gymnasts roll, their leotards may move around quite a bit too. Wearing a leotard+shorts tandem will give her confidence knowing that her gymnastics outfit has double coverage. This will also help make her comfy as she learns her routines. In time, she may be able to ditch the shorts when she joins the competitive arena. 

Ruby Love Athletics Period Running Shorts in Black or Navy are the perfect match for your leotards in and out of your monthly cycle. They're designed not just for runners and walkers but for every athlete who wants to train with confidence. Its patented "floating gusset allows maximum movement while being 100% leak-proof and discreet. With Ruby Love Period Running Shorts, your precious teen is covered in whatever sport she chooses. 

 #4. Gymnastics Sports Bras

Sports bras are another must-have from the list of what to wear to first gymnastics class. This piece of sports clothing is essential for several reasons. First, no one wants a wardrobe malfunction. You don't want your daughter attracting the wrong kind of attention. Second, with all the strenuous gymnastics exercises she'll need to perform, it can be too easy for her to get body aches and pains. A good pair of well-fitting sports bras can save her girls and lower back from discomfort. The support gymnastics sports bras can provide can be literally uplifting. 

#5. Straps for eyeglasses 

Wearing glasses shouldn't stop your gymnast from becoming the star she's meant to be. Although using contacts is an option, she may not be comfortable using them. Contacts can also make her peepers dry, causing the lenses to pop out—a potential gymnastic catastrophe! 

If she sticks to eyeglasses, she'll want to keep them on while doing her different gymnastics routines. Keep her glasses from falling off with high-quality neoprene straps that can hold them in place. 

#6. Leggings 

She may want to alternate leggings with her leotards to have a variety of cute sporty outfits to choose from. Nothing wrong with being a bit extra—she's a teenager, after all! Many gym facilities would be okay with that, especially if she isn't in the advanced classes yet. Like tight-fitting leotards, leggings can help her coach train her properly and provide the necessary physical support. 

Keep her flipping—not tripping over—with footless leggings from Ruby Love! Ruby Love Period Leggings prevent not only slippery accidents but also wet ones to boot! Our patented leak-proof technology that works perfectly for our period underwear works just as well for activewear. Each pair of absorbent leggings features 100% maximum-leak proof protection—all rolled into one featherlight design. In addition, Ruby Love's cutting-edge Dri-Tech Mesh prevents side, front, and back spills and holds pads securely in place. 

With Ruby Love, your daughter need not take a leap of faith—because Ruby Love has her back every time, especially on her period. Check out our line of flippin' fun period apparel for your teenage girl today!
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