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10 Dance Competition Essentials Most Women Forget To Pack

Dance competitions are the culmination of all the blood, sweat, and tears that you've been pouring out for several months. Yes, this is it! Now is the time to give it your all, the perfect moment to show everyone what you've got. But before you rush out the door, it's always a good idea to double-check your dance competition survival kit. Because every time you're competing, you almost always forget to bring a couple of things. And you definitely don't need more stress than you already have!!  

To ensure you've got everything covered, we've put together a list of the top ten dance competition essentials most women forget to pack. So, read away and never again allow any must-have to slip from memory!

Easy-to-forget Dance Competition Essentials

1. Scissors

Whether it's to snip off that oh-so-annoying thread hanging loose from your costume or to cut that super important strip of body tape, you cannot not have cutting tools. Imagine having to ask someone—anyone—and hoping against hope that they have a pair of scissors in their dance survival kits? Utterly avoidable if you just did a quick once-over of your dance competition essentials before heading out of the house.

2. Extra Dance Leggings

The savviest and most experienced dancers know that an extra pair of dance tights, like Ruby Love Athletic Leggings, can always come in handy, even life-saving. But, how often have you struggled to match your memory of neatly putting that tiny piece of clothing in your dance survival kit with the experience of misplacing it? So the next time you worry about the little space an extra pair of dance pants will take up, think of all the potential stress they can save you from.

3. Different Bras

One of the quickest ways to sabotage your professional-dancer demeanor is wearing the wrong kind of bra with your beautiful dance outfit. While many costumes have built-in bras, some don't. And when your routine requires different costumes in different colors, it's easy to forget that your favorite bra isn't multi-outfit or isn't as flexible as you are. By bringing the right undergarments in the correct form and shade for each outfit change, you can stay composed and pulled together, regardless of the outcome of the dance event.

4. Sewing Repair Kit

If you haven't had at least one or two dancer wardrobe malfunctions in your dancing career, perhaps you're still green around the ears. Such common mishaps can be disastrous to anyone's performance. Think of yourself in the final phase of the competition. Before you can show the judges how well you can perform the act of falling gracefully, your skirt becomes undone and beats you to it. Prepare for the worst by bringing along a sewing repair kit. Please ensure it includes needles, pins, and threads of different colors to match each costume change. Don't forget the indispensable safety pins!

5. Body Glue

Another lifesaver is body glue or body adhesive (with a hot glue gun) for fast-as-lightning costume fixes. What's the point of extra sequins and diamantes in your dance survival kit without having the means to apply these accessories to your body? Choose one that's flexible enough to roll with you as you move. At the same time, check if it has a gentle formulation to protect your skin from irritation.

6. Hairpins

Some of the tiniest things can have the power to keep you together, such as the humble hairpin. When you least need them, they're everywhere. Yet when you're absolutely going cray looking for a single hairpin or two, they're nowhere to be found. Then you say a prayer and hope your bun doesn't unravel when you do all those spins and turns. So, always keep a pack of pins around and stave off that insecure and uncomfortable feeling the next time around.

7. Healthy Snacks

Competitive dancing events can go on for hours, so you may have to wait it out for some time. But patiently standing by for your turn can be exhausting. The least that you want to happen is to run out of energy even before your actual performance. So stay on your toes by packing some fuel in your dance survival kit. Have your pick of uncoated granola bars, veggie sticks with Greek yogurt, unsalted nuts and seeds, whole grains, and beverages like lemon water or electrolyte-filled coconut juice. Avoid sugary stuff that can make your energy levels swing and crash.

8. A Shrug or Wrap

You might think that you don't need to squeeze in that additional piece of warm clothing in your dance survival kit. But you never know how low the thermostat will go at the dance competition venue. And even if people are sizzling on the dance floor, it can get chilly elsewhere in the ballroom. So keep your focus on the competition and away from the uncomfortable temp by bringing an easy-to-pack snug shrug or woolen wrap. Remember, though, to avoid clothes that can be hard to get out of, like sweaters with zippers or other fumbly contraptions.

9. Extra Sequins or Diamantes

Your fast-paced dance routine can get your accessories on the loose. When this happens, this can make you agonize over whether or not the missing sequins or diamantes are visible to your audience. Even if they aren't, the feeling of wearing a less-than-perfect costume can be rattling and diminish your confidence. So why risk the unnecessary stress? After all, adding these to your dance survival kit doesn't require much effort. Please ensure they're in a clear pouch and securely placed in your bag. This way, you can keep them from falling off and yourself from needless fumbling.

10. Athletic Period Wear

Whether battling it freestyle or executing an en pointe, athletic period wear will keep you on top of your game any time of the month. With Ruby Love Athletics, you can perform anywhere with maximum confidence.

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