These Exercises Ease Period Cramps (And What to Wear Doing Them)

These Exercises Ease Period Cramps (And What to Wear Doing Them)

Ouch! Your period comes with a lot of symptoms, doesn’t it? When you’re not dealing with the headaches, fatigue, and bloating, we all love those never-ending cramps. Our symptoms tend to stop us in our tracks, specifically the cramps, and often times, we just find ourselves wanting to lie in bed and binge on our favorite period foods.

If we fell into an exercise routine, we’re probably ready to fall out of it, but what if we told you that certain exercises can help relieve the pain of your cramps? What if we also told you that there are certain clothes you can wear to help put your mind at ease from leaks and stains? If you’re looking for pain relief and to stay fit, look no further.



Many people don’t consider stretching an exercise, but let us assure you that it definitely is! If you can’t bend over and touch your toes, you can probably understand why stretching is an exercise. More than that, it helps relieve the pain of cramping. Cramps are caused when the muscles of the uterus contract. This constriction causes the pain and it’s easier for it to occur when your muscles are tight. Stretching helps loosen and lengthen your muscles which can help cramps occur less often and hurt less.



Yoga is a beneficial exercise because it helps both mind and body. Yoga is a great way to mentally keep your mind off of your cramps because it requires attention to every breath and every move you make. Physically, yoga helps relax your nervous system which can help diminish the number of cramps you have as well as the frequency.

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While yoga isn’t an exercise form that you can jump into and master in one day, there are specific moves that you can build up to that are said to relieve cramps. These moves include the head-to-knee forward bend and camel pose.



Let’s do some cardio, shall we! Cardio is always a great way to tackle the pounds and shed the calories, but it’s also a great way to bring some relief to your cramps. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins and these endorphins can essentially temporarily numb your body to pain. When your endorphins kick in, they can essentially block the hormones that are causing the painful cramping in your uterus. So hit that treadmill!

Now that you know what exercises to do, it’s only right that you have the proper clothes to wear! At PantyProp, we have you covered from your underwear to your workout leggings.

If you’re headed to the g gym in your favorite printed leggings, make sure that you’re not ruining them with products that you might leak through. PantyProp offers a number of leak-proof underwear in solid and printed colors that will keep you covered from your warm up to your cool down.

For those who are ready to tackle yoga, you know the “classic” uniform is a pair of black leggings. With the underwear built into your leggings, PantyProp’s leak-proof leggings will let you tackle any move from beginner to master difficulty.

Don’t let your cramps slow you down! All you need are these exercise ideas and the proper gear, and you’re good to go!

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