5 Summer Foods That Are Known to Be Awesome for Your Period

5 Summer Foods That Are Known to Be Awesome for Your Period

Don’t eat this, don’t eat that! When it comes to your period, there’s a list of foods that most people would recommend you don’t indulge in. You probably want to stay away from beverages like soda and energy drinks because the caffeine might cause you to experience anxiety and can exacerbate breast tenderness.


You might even want to stay away from things like sweets which could lead you to experience mood swings. Rather than continuing to focus on all the foods, you shouldn’t have while you’re on your period, let’s talk about all the foods you can have!


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As we steamroll right into the summer months, you’ll notice that new foods and produce might be hitting the shelves. When you walk through your grocery store, you’re probably just picking up foods that you want or foods that fit into a healthy diet. If your period is nearing, you should try shopping for foods that are good for your period! Check out these five foods that are known to be awesome for your period!




One of the more common period symptoms is bloating. If this is something you deal with during your period, add honeydew melon to your list of groceries. The fruit is said to be a natural diuretic. Since your body fills up with fluid in the days leading up to your period, snacking on honeydew melon will help filter that water out and make you feel and look less bloated!




Oranges are known to contain a great amount of calcium and Vitamin D. These are two things you’re going to want to consume during your period! While calcium is known to help with anxiety and depression, vitamin D plays a big role in regulating our moods. With oranges being extremely high in calcium and vitamin D, this delicious summer fruit can also help with other period symptoms like cramps.




This is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Bananas are another summer food that’s amazing for you during your period. If you didn’t catch our 8 Weird Period Symptoms That Aren’t Cramps article, constipation can be a symptom that comes along with your period. Not only will bananas help reduce bloating, but it will help normalize your bowel movements!




If there’s one food that’s entirely synonymous with the summer months, it would be watermelon! While sweets should stay off of your period food list, watermelon is definitely something you can indulge in! Natural sugars are always better than artificial ones, and the high water content will keep you hydrated while also helping to reduce bloating.




People who love salmon might believe it to be a year-round fish, but salmon season is definitely during the summer months. While salmon is an amazing fish to eat in general, it can also help with your period! One of the primary reasons that salmon is so good for you is because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Amazing for regulating heart disease and aiding in lowering blood pressure, omega-3s act as a muscle relaxant which can help relieve period pains like cramps.


Yum! Are you hungry yet! Now that it’s time to enjoy our seasonal favorites, make sure you keep these items on your list when your period is rolling around the corner. With these delicious foods, you can say goodbye to the annoying cramps, bloating, and mood swings that often come with being a woman and having your period!


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