Period Problems NO ONE Talks About!

Period Problems NO ONE Talks About!

It may be the year 2019 and girl power is all the rage and women are feeling pretty empowered and, hey, periods have been a part of our world for thousands of years, but when it comes to issues experienced while on our periods, why is it that’s still a little hush-hush? There are problems almost every woman faces while on her period and problems many less do, but still, they are hesitant to talk about – let’s get the conversation going, instead!



If your monthly visitor rolls around and you start suddenly feeling unusually high levels of anxiety, panic or way overblown negative thoughts – you’re not alone. The stigma of seeming “hysterical” or “overreacting” still looms large in the world of women’s health, but it’s not something you are exaggerating. Anxiety is an actual symptom of PMDD (which is basically taking PMS to its extreme) and can be accompanied by thoughts or intense anger and moodiness. It’s not all that uncommon, and talking to your doctor can ease your fears, plus, she can probably prescribe something to help.



Whether it is spotting before or after a full-on period or a flow that is really heavy, almost all women worry at some point about bleeding through. In fact, some women are just naturally more prone to longer, more intense flows and so bleeding through a traditional tampon or pad is a monthly worry. Without sacrificing on comfort (like one does with a pad or tampon), PantyProp’s leak-proof panties go on like regular underwear and secure women down there from spots or leaks. It’s nice when there’s a period problem that can be solved pretty easily!



If your skin suddenly feels on fire or that even light touches feel irritating or painful, guess what? Again, you are not alone. Hormones fluctuating all over the place during a period mean that the chance for your nerve sensitivity to skyrocket is pretty decent. Estrogen plumps up the skin to thicken and protect it from outside hazards and, since estrogen levels go way down on your period, It makes sense that your epidermis will be feeling a little more exposed to unpleasantries.



Yup, your mouth may be the last thing on your mind that is connected to your period, but gum sensitivity is actually a possible symptom you can experience during this time. Because of the surge of hormones right before you begin menstruating, that can cause a similar spike in blood flow to the gums – which in turns lowers your mouth’s natural ability to fight against plaque buildup, leading, then, to mouth pain and gum irritability.

Periods literally flush your body full of hormones and then drain them a short time later. Your insides go through craziness. Pretty much everything internally gets flipped upside down, so it really should only be expected that some funky side effects will go on. Remember – you probably aren’t the first person to experience something you deem strange on your period and you’ve got a millennium of women who will back you up.

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