Period Hacks – The Natural Way

Period Hacks – The Natural Way

When it comes time for the bloating to begin, the cramps to commence and the flow to start, well, flowing, it usually means a lot of headaches for us women. And we are always trying to find natural ways to battle any discomfort – ways that save us from putting toxins in our bodies or any products that are potentially harmful. When it comes to universal period woes, here are some all-natural ways to fight back!



Cramps and nausea are almost a guarantee for many women and, if you want to limit the amount of medications you are taking, trying out a soothing herbal tea first may be just the thing. If you are feeling the bubbles and the upset stomach issues, a peppermint blend may ease your troubles. For cramps and irritability, chamomile will soothe your stomach and ginger can aid in digestion and any gut problems.

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Not necessarily by singing Spice Girls (though that is always recommended), but adding certain spices to your diet, be it on food or in drink, can really do wonder. Turmeric, for example, is a natural anti-inflammatory and can relieve menstrual pain as well as balance hormones. Try mixing a quarter teaspoon with some honey and warm milk for a soothing, pain reducing drink.



Tampons come with a long list of potential health problems, including possible toxic shock syndrome (who thinks that sounds god??) and pads, while not as extreme in possible dangers are still manufactured with chemicals and processed excessively – and they still leave room for leaking. To secure your flow safely and comfortably, try all-natural leak-proof underwear instead, such as PantyProp’s cotton and dry-tech mesh panties.



Before you turn to your trusty Ibuprofen, consider a more holistic approach as a first try. Fish oil capsules and vitamin B1 have been shown in studies to reduce pain associated with those dreaded period cramps.

Peppermint oils, as well, when added to tea or another beverage, can also calm those cramps (as well as settle an upset stomach).



Human touch – warm human touch – on aching muscles can, on its own, ease your pain. But if you add in certain essential oils such as lavender or sage (diluted safely), they can really get to work seeping into the muscles and relaxing away your cramp pain. Be sure to dilute oils properly first in a lotion or a cream to ensure safe usage and avoid unwanted irritation.



One more naturally occurring element with a hidden superpower, magnesium is another friend to those who suffer from cramps. It regulates both muscle and nerve functions and can, therefore, go a long way to easing menstrual cramps. You can take magnesium in the form of a supplement or find it already in some of your favorite foods such as spinach, almonds, avocados, brown rice, edamame and more.

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