How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe for Your Next Vacation (Even On Your Period)

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe for Your Next Vacation (Even On Your Period)

“Take me on a trip. I want to go somewhere! Take me to New York, I’d love to see LA.” It’s time to go on a vacation! When it comes to our travels, we all probably raid our closets and the department stores looking for the cutest outfits.


We all think we’re going to have an amazing time slaying a picture for Instagram until we check our period tracker and find out that our friend is scheduled to visit. Finding out that you’re going to get your period can be the worst during vacation, but there’s a way to get around it! Looking for the perfect capsule wardrobe for your next trip? Look no further!


When it comes to building a capsule wardrobe for your trip, you can almost go crazy with your tops. Just choose whatever you like! If you’re going somewhere warm and tropical, floral prints are always a winner but if you’re not a fan of the pattern, go with bold colors. Red, yellow, and orange are three bold colors perfect for an aura of warmth.


Choosing your bottoms for your wardrobe capsule is where you have to start drawing the line. Keep it basic! Pack a good rotation of long pants, shorts, and a skirt to give you some freedom with your wardrobe and stick to darker hues. Colors like black and dark blue will help keep you worry-free if you’re worried about leaks, but they can also be boring!


With a situation like this, get yourself some PantyProp period panties! Leak-free and worry-free, they’ll allow you to wear any colorful skirt you’d like to while on vacation. To keep packing to a minimum, always choose one neutral color and then have a little fun with another.


Your capsule wardrobe would be incomplete without dresses! While body-conscious dresses might leave you with a bad case of VPL (visible panty line), flowy dresses are IN! Not only are they airy and perfect for hot summer nights, but they’ll give you the chance to choose any kind of feminine hygiene product you want!


If you’re going on vacation, you’re probably ready to hit the beach or the pool. Have you ever heard of that myth that tells women that their flow stops while they’re in water? Well, it’s just what I said – a myth! Your period definitely continues while you’re in a pool, so you definitely need to be cautious of this. Many women who don’t wear tampons believe that they can’t wear particular bathing suits because their pad will show through. This is why PantyProp needs to be on your wardrobe capsule list! With bikinis and one-pieces available, PantyProp’s swimwear has your mixture of basic and fun prints for your beach or pool-side styles. On top of that, you’ll have leak-free, all-day protection in the water.


Don’t let your period hold you back! Vacations are supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation, and there’s no reason you should be worrying about your period! Before you pack your bags, make sure you follow these tips on how to choose the perfect wardrobe.


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