5 Period Myths Busted

5 Period Myths Busted

Have you ever heard something weird about your period and thought to yourself, “That can’t be true?” Chances are, it’s not! There are a ton of strange period myths out there, and we’re here to bust a few of them right now.

You can’t take a bath on your period

Some people claim that taking a bath during your period is unsafe because it can stimulate or stop blood flow. While these things may be true, it’s still completely safe to take a bath while on your period. In fact, it can be beneficial! The warm water can help relax your muscles and soothe your cramps.

You shouldn’t perm your hair during menstruation

What does perming your hair have to do with menstruating? Some people believe their perm might not turn out well or can have unexpected results due to hormones. If you’re on your period and decide you want to perm your hair, go for it!

You shouldn’t touch plants while on your period

This myth is just downright strange and stems from an old wives’ tale about how women are dirty while they’re menstruating—which we clearly know is untrue. Menstruating is a completely normal and healthy thing most women go through, and there’s absolutely no reason you can’t tend to your garden while Aunt Flow is in town.

Everyone gets PMS

This myth is a little tamer than some of the other ones out there, but it’s still completely untrue. It’s true that women can get PMS before and during their period, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every woman does. Some women can get their period once a month with absolutely zero cramps, headaches, backaches, or any of the other PMS symptoms many others experience.

You can’t go camping during your period

You can totally go camping on your period! Some people believe bears will be able to smell the menstruation blood from miles away and will come to your campsite— which is false! Bears can’t tell that you’re on your period, so pack up that tent and sleeping bag and have the best camping trip ever!

Don’t believe everything you hear and don’t let period myths keep you from living your best life! Do your research about ones that you’ve heard or ones that you’re worried about to see if they’re actually true or not.

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