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4 Types of Bikini Bottoms: Your Guide to Finding the Right Style

Before you can even say "aloha," it’ll be sun-sand-and-sea season. And pretty soon, itty bitty cover-ups will be conquering the beach and pool scenes. But searching for the right swimwear can be tricky. So, don’t wait for summer before you shop for the perfect bikini bottoms. 

Whether you're looking to party hard or stroll lazily along the shore, you gotta gear up! With this quick-and-easy style guide on the most popular types of bikini bottoms, you’ll find “the one” to match your personal style. Ready to have a blast in the best summertime jams? Then plunge right in!

What are bikini bottoms? 

Let's first get to, well, the bottom of things. In the first place, what are bikini bottoms? This may be a no-brainer to some, but to clarify, the term "bikini bottom" more aptly refers to the other half of a two-piece swimsuit than to bikini-cut underwear. So, in this blog post, we'll talk about the quintessential types of bikini bottoms and how best to style ‘em. 

The different types of bikini bottoms

Nope, we're not giving you a ho-hum rundown of words that all end with "kini." Instead, we'll share a precious list of bikini bottoms that you should get your hands on (aren't you the lucky one! 😉)! So, sit back, relax, and read on!

Ruby Love Classic Period Swim Bottoms in Black Sea

1. Classic Swim Bottoms 

They’re called “classic” for a reason; And that’s because these high-quality beauties can stand the test of time. Offering moderate coverage, they’re wonderful for those who want a tad less exposure or prefer a more modest look, as they’re designed to sit comfortably at the hips. 

Got a little red tide going on? No problem! With the Classic Period Swim Bottoms from Ruby Love, you can confidently dive into the depths of the ocean or be blissfully lost in your reverie. They’re specifically designed for worry-free water activity with exclusive built-in absorbent liners that can be worn with or without additional protection. So, you can swim, paddleboard, surf, or just lounge about all day long without getting stressed about undies swelling in the water! You can even level up by pairing them with Ruby Love’s Double Sided-Pads for up to 6 tampons worth of absorption.

These bikini swim briefs also come with an easy-to-wash, built-in, organic cotton liner that can hold up to 3 tampons’ worth of flow. So there’s no odor, no plastics, and no stress! They even come in a wide range of sizes from XS to 3XL to snugly hug every beautiful body shape. 

Style Tip: These classic bottoms look fantastic with just about anything because of their simple and chic design. Why not pair your Ruby Love Classic Period Swim Bottoms in Black Sea with a white tank top? With this black-and-white combo, you’ll totally nail that timeless Coco-Chanel look!

Ruby Love Double-Tie Period Swim Bottom in Spot Light

2. Double-Tie Swim Bottoms 

Are you a best-of-both-worlds kind of gal? Then you’d want to be comfy with full coverage but also feel totally gorgeous. Be the beach rock star that you’ve always been and still keep the mystique with Double-Tie Swim Bottoms. They’ll embrace you like a glove with their low- to mid-rise fit and medium back coverage. 

Yet they’re not just about comfort! The two triangle-shaped fabrics that make up the bikini are playfully coupled at the sides with two ribbon knots for that feminine touch. These flirty bikinis look so delish that you’ll probably want to be in them the entire sunny season. 

But what if it’s that special time of the month? It’s a piece of cake with Ruby Love Double-Tie Period Swim Bottoms! The mid-rise and high-cut-leg bikini boasts of Dri-Tech Mesh, which helps stop all front, side, and back leaks. You can focus on swimming and playing without any breaks if you choose to! 

Style Tip: As playful as a kitten—that’s exactly what Double-Ties are all about! So, take your pick from Ruby Love Double-Tie Period Swim Bottoms in Spot Light, Blue Waters in Navy, and Black Sea. Then complement these with perfectly matched bikini tops!

Ruby Love’s Double-Tie Period Bikini Bottoms in Spot Light come with colorful polka dots. So, they can pretty much go with solid-colored tops that match any single hue from your swim undies’ design. Don’t go cray with more than one color for a single top if your fun bottoms are already splattered with different shades of the rainbow. This way, you stick to the fun theme without going overboard.

Ruby Love Brief Period Swim Bottom in Blue Waters (Navy)

3. Brief Swim Bottoms 

If you're aiming for versatility, these essential-shape briefs can be a godsend─the perfect mix of “cheeky and boyish.” 

Feeling a bit extra? Then go all the way with Ruby Love’s Brief Period Swim Bottoms, With their stretchy material that moves with your body, there’s nothing to stop you from being and doing. What’s more, they come in a high-cut leg design that sits higher up on the waist, so you're tucked in dry and comfortable. 

Style Tip: "Brief" doesn't always have to be "basic." Match your Brief Period Swim Bottoms in Blue Waters (Navy) with a feminine floral top in mustard yellow or a sexy racerback in vibrant red.

Ruby Love Period Hipster Swim Bottoms in Napa

4. Hipster Swim Bottoms 

Like their bikini-style daily underwear counterparts, hipster bikini bottoms cover less of the hips and butt, exposing more of the stomach. All this sexiness while providing a bit more coverage for the crotch and bum. 

These faves can even be worn even with Auntie Flo around, so you can always look cool and chic whenever you feel like it. For instance, Ruby Love’s low-rise Hipster Period Swim Bottoms can give the sporty feel of boyshorts while helping you avoid wedgies. 

In addition, its wide two-layer leak-proof gusset is made with 100% absorbent cotton liner that’s perfectly angled to collect your flow immediately. 

Style Tip: Flaunt your curves by wearing these hip-hugging bottoms with a glamorous bikini top from Ruby Love’s Tankini Set in Black Sea. Together, they strike a beautiful middle ground between skimpy bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, so you can score that sultry look without feeling too exposed. You can even mix and match with different-colored swim bottoms as you please!

Bottoms up with Ruby Love! 

Whether you’re going for a classic, modest design or would like to keep a come-hither look, Ruby Love has the perfect style, color palette, and fit for everyone. And it doesn’t even matter if the PMS gang is around! With Ruby Love, you can look and feel beautiful even on your period. Our Period Swim Bottoms stretch and conform to your curves so you can be confident in or out of the water. They can even be worn with a pad, tampon, menstrual cup, or alone, depending on your flow. Whatever your personal preferences are, you get 100% maximum leak-proof protection from our smart, intuitively designed bikini bottoms. For more stain-proof and worry-free mix-and-match ideas, check out Ruby Love’s glam line of period swimwear and period underwear today.

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