Natural Remedies for Endometriosis Pain

Natural Remedies for Endometriosis Pain

As we know, endometriosis is an invisible illness. And the people living with it every day can experience incredibly intense flare-ups of pain at times. These flare-ups are due to inflammation and can sometimes even cause extreme abdominal bloating. If you are one of those people experiencing flare-ups, keep on reading to learn some awesome natural ways to combat this nasty feeling.



This is a pretty common remedy for combating flare-ups. Even people who don't have endometriosis use it as a way to help relieve period cramps. Heat is a good first choice when trying to figure out what works best for you. But if you don't have a hot water bottle or a heating pad that's no problem! Just take a hot bath! A hot bath is a great alternative to using a regular old heating pad or hot water bottle. AND you can even add a few drops of lavender essential oils so you can be all relaxed and soothed while you are in a war against your own uterus.



Diet Change

It may seem like this is a daunting thing to do because you don't want to have to change your whole diet around that you've had for years, but change can be good and it's all about the little adjustments here and there. One big diet change you could make to help with any inflammation is to go gluten-free. Yeah, it seems like it's the “trendy” thing to do but it can really help with inflammation. Does gluten really taste better than being “pain-free” feels (pain-free in quotes because let's be real - when you have endometriosis, it seems like you're never pain-free). Turmeric is also a great thing for you to be eating when you want to make the inflammation calm the heck down. But don't worry we aren't advising you to just eat turmeric (unless you really want to). There are lots of companies out there that make little turmeric capsules that you can just take every morning with breakfast!



Yeah, we know. We don't want to exercise either. But we promise it’s honestly really good for you! When you exercise, you release endorphins! Endorphins are those feel-good hormones that… well… make you feel good! They are also known to reduce pain so get on that treadmill! But don't forget to stretch, that's important.



Pelvic Massage

A study done in 2012 proved that pelvic massage was known to improve cramps associated with endometriosis. The areas you want to focus on when using pelvic massage for endo pain are parts of the abdomen, sides, and back. If you are going to use this method of pain relief it might be best for you to do it shortly before your period starts to get ahead of the cramps. This is also because you wouldn’t want to get a massage while you are in extreme pain.


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