Is It Ok to Do Sports When You're Having Your Period?

Is It Ok to Do Sports When You're Having Your Period?

Who runs the world? GIRLS! When you hit puberty, it seems like there are a ton of things that start happening to your body. Hair begins to grow in unfamiliar places, your body begins to develop, and you start your period.


For teenagers, this can be an extremely overwhelming time. If you were running and ruling the soccer field or the basketball court, you might start to wonder how your period fits into your athletic life. Is it OK to do sports when you have your period? Let’s discuss!


Although every girl gets her period, many of them don’t know why! When you get your period, this signifies that your body is physically ready to have a baby. Every month, an egg (or ova) is released by the ovaries and moves into the fallopian tubes.


If the egg were to become fertilized by sperm, it would move into the uterus and would begin developing into a baby. When the egg remains unfertilized, this is what causes you to get your period. The walls of your uterus begin to shed, and this is the blood that you see during your period.


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While you might feel like the blood you expel during your period is a lot, it’s only around 2-3 tablespoons each cycle! An “average” period lasts 5 days, but they can vary from as little as three days to as long as an entire week. If you play sports, you might be wondering how you’re supposed to manage a week-long period while spiking a volleyball. Is it even OK for you to play sports while on your period? YES!


There is nothing about having your period that should stop you from doing sports! While there are a few symptoms you have to watch out for, here’s how to conquer the ones that might be on your mind while you’re jumping over hurdles.


Common symptoms of your period are abdominal cramping and pain. If you get cramps while on your period, talk to your doctor! There are quite a few over the counter medications you can take to help relieve the pain while you play your sport. Most likely, this pain reliever will also work to kick that headache to the curb.


When you get your period, the primary thing you’re usually worried about is leaking! While uniforms for soccer and basketball might give you a little room to work with, sports that usually require spandex might have you feeling a bit anxious. Don’t be! If you’re new to your period, tampons might still be uncomfortable, and pads can be overly bulky. A good option to try is PantyProp.


The PropTween come with cute designs and leak-proof quality, and you never have to worry whether that next move will cause you to have an accident on the court! Even if you’re wearing leggings to practice or rehearsing for a dance recital in your bodysuit, you’ll be worry-free in the Leak-Proof Legging or Leak-Free Bodysuit.


If you’re an athlete, your sport probably dominates much of your life. When you’re not at a game, you’re probably at practice. When you’re not at practice, you’re probably watching a professional game or playing in your yard! Your sport is important to you, and there’s no reason your period should stop you from dominating! The next time your period comes around, make sure you follow these tips, so Mother Nature doesn’t slow you down!


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