The Best Alternative For Tampons When Swimming on Your Period

The Best Alternative For Tampons When Swimming on Your Period

It’s summertime! You might be planning to hit the beach or the swimmingpool soon but what if Aunt Flo suddenly makes a visit?


Swimming during your period might make you queasy and worried. What if you leak in the pool? What if you leak on your new white bathing suit? What if you shouldn’t swim during your period?


Relax, it’s safe! You can swim during your period! Contrary to popular belief, swimming doesn’t make your period stop sooner than it should and swimming during your period is also absolutely safe for you. “”


How so? Swimming just pushes a pause button on your period. It doesn’t make it stop completely. When you're in the water, the water pressure keeps your body from releasing menstruation blood. That means you don't have to worry about leaking in the water. You only have to worry about leaking when you leave the water. But why?


When you step out of the water, you're also stepping out of the water pressure, so your period starts right back up again. This is why you should still wear menstrual products even when you’re swimming on your period. Unless you're cool rushing to the nearest changing room or bathroom, you shouldn’t stop wearing your tampons or pads even when swimming. But this poses a lot of questions, like which is better for swimming, tampons or pads?


Here are the pros and cons of using a tampon and a pad when swimming on your period. First of all, for tampons and pads, both give you the added assurance that you won’t leak in public. Using tampons and/or pads during swimming gives you major relief knowing that you won’t have to worry about making a mad dash to the bathrooms once you step out of the water.


The problem is, not all ladies use tampons. But even for those who do use tampons, the worry that your string might be showing or the tampon even absorb more than just period blood can be a constant source of stress. As for pads, they lose their adhesive backing because the water dissolves it. The pad then ends up separating from your swimsuit, which can be a humiliating situation in itself. Also pads, because they’re made of highly absorbent material, can absorb not only period blood, but also water. The end result? You get a soggy pad between your legs that may or may not slip from your underwear at anytime. Ugh.


Worried? There’s an alternative you should start to consider, which is using period swimwear. They are the types of swimwear that have built-in absorbent material particularly designed for ladies swimming during their period. For the ladies who use pads during their period, period swimwear have a discreet, “pocket”-like gusset for your pads, making sure that they remain in place in the bottom of your swimwear.


Period swimwear are making waves these days. They come in pretty colors and designs too! Plus, you don’t have to worry about having to wear shorts over them, since this leak-proof swimwear is enough to back you up.


So the next time you go for a swim on your period, it will help a lot if you’re prepared. Grab one or two pieces of period swimwear and whether you use a tampon or a pad, remember to change them before you swim and right after you leave the water to stay hygienic. Happy summer, girls!

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