Built-in organic absorbency for leaks + secures any pad
Yes, it absorbs and protects


Don't sit in a mess all-day, you have options.  
Never worry about stains again. Period.

Get the secure and maximum sanitary pad coverage to stop shifting, leaks, and stains

Will these keep me stain-free all day?

 Yes. it features a built-in absorbent liner

Just prop it on, the built-in absorbent liner will catch your stains immediately

 I have a really heavy flow.

 You can add your cup,tampon, or even any pad

The patented secure crotch feature will angle and hold it properly under your vulva to catch your leaks immediately on onset and absorb the excess.

My leak cycle cause me discomfort.

100% comfortable, you will not feel anything, and eliminate chafing.

The absorbent liner dries your stains for protection

Made of only soft fabric. No plastics, PUL or latex, better than other brands


No hand-wash necessary

Machine wash & dry normally

"These are magic panties, they absorbed my leaks, held my pad in perfect place, and kept me cool and dry all day"  - Tabitha, IL

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Pads cause major issues

Pads cause major issues

Pads cause major discomfort by leaking, shifting and chafing, which sometimes lead to rash and thigh friction. Sanitary pads are never discreet and always move around because they are not secured properly by other underwear.

Absorbent liner built-in

Absorbent liner built-in

100% absorbent, organic cotton lining is built-in, and the perfect protection to stop leaks or stains. It keeps you dry, fresh, and clean.

Discreet. No-Shifting.

Discreet. No-Shifting.

Special designed crotch provides the proper secure and discreet fit for the maximum stain protection. True comfort, you will forget you are wearing a pad.

Secures pad perfectly

Secures pad perfectly

The crotch area is designed to help give the additional coverage to properly secure a full sanitary pad, and be failure free from heavy leaks.

Fits any pad securely.

Fits any pad securely.

Extra protection added, Just prop in your pad and go! The secure and discreet hold feature will help the pad remain in place.Fits all pads standard length "Super" or "Regular" absorbency pads.

Non-bacterial all fabric.

Non-bacterial all fabric.

The dri-tech mesh fabric absorbs moisture quickly. The soft fabrics are anti-bacterial and odor resistant

5 functions working all day for you 
Discreet ~ Absorbs leaks ~ Hygienic ~ Stops thigh chafing
Helps secure pad properly 

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"No Chafing or Sanitary Pad Friction" -"Perfect Pad Placement"

"Fell enlove the moment I opened the package, then wore them the next day, and fell enlove all over again" - Celia, TX

"Quick shipment, good quality. Thank you!" - Brieanne, TN via Etsy

"I just re-ordered 8 more, I am in period heaven" - Emma, NV

"Finally a pair of undies to help with maxi pad nagging" - Kayla, NY

" Thank you PantyProp, my 12 year old daughter feels free" - Ginger, UK

"Never thought I would ever say my sanitary pad is comfortable, thank you for making this ." - D, Canada

Yes, If you leak from menstruation, bladder issues, spill urine when you laugh or cough, and have sweat moisture.
I am always running to the bathroom and seem to drip a little?
You can be rest assured your drips will be absorbed and will not leak through your clothing. 
I only wear tampons or menstrual cups will this help?
Yes, the built-in absorbent lining will help prevent leaks or stains.
My period is very heavy can I use this?
Yes, the built-in extra absorbent lining is the best extra protection
I am very active will this stop the irritating pad thigh rubbing?
The special patent pending crotch design will hold the sanitary pad angled discreetly and secure. Therefore, the pad will not leak, shift or cause chafing on your thigh. The absorbent lining is for leaks when you need time to get to a pad/tampon

Feminine Hygiene and Functional Lingerie Revolutionized


PantyProp panties has the solution everyone that need a sanitary pad ask:


"What underwear can I wear to keep me sanitary pad protected,

hide my sanitary napkin, and not have leak failure?


Stain and Leak Protection


  • Absorbent Leak Guard will help stop leaks or stains

  • Two Layer Shape Crotch Panel  locks, secures, and tucks sanitary pad under the vulva

  • Discreet Concealing Design  hides the view of maxi-pad

  • Soft Spandex Fabrics are breathable, comforting, figure hugging, and bounce-back for perfect fit

  • Helps the use of the entire sanitary pad coverage area by securing pad directly angled under crotch.


Now you can rest easy at anytime, lounge at home, lead a boardroom meeting, feel confident at work, exercise freely at the gym, or change in the locker room without seeing or feeling a pad.