Period Panties and Teens

Period Panties and Teens

When I was about 15, I complained to a teacher about how difficult it was to wear a sanitary pad. She promptly told me what she'd had to use at my age in lieu of “fancy” adhesive pads. It didn't make me feel any better about my struggle, but it did cause me to realize that the problem wasn't just with me, and it hadn't started with my generation. Periods and panties have, until very recently, never gotten along, and teens experience the brunt of this disagreement.


We're confronted with a multitude of changes during our teenage years, and the most significant is almost certainly menstruation. I remember how nerve-wracking those first few years were. I was constantly going into the bathroom stalls to adjust my pads, and felt sure everyone could see them through my clothes. I also spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how menstrual pads were able to turn almost completely sideways. Mine were always trying to escape, and I dreaded the day one of them finally would.



The discomfort wasn't the only problem, though. There was also the continuous worry that my pad would leak right through to the outside of my jeans. What would happen then? After some brainstorming, I decided to always carry a jacket with me so I'd be able to hide any signs of a stain by tying it around my waist.

I know my experience isn't unusual. I've talked to dozens of women and girls who've shared similar stories. And that's not to mention the horror stories I heard from older women about menstruation belts and other means of securing their pads. As a teen I'd have liked to have been able to wear a tampon, but like many girls my age, I was intimidated by the prospect. So every month I bungled through a few very awkward and anxious school days.


But there's an upside to this blog. Girls today have one huge advantage over our generation, and that's the fact that period panties have finally been created. The designs here at Ruby Love are made to specifically combat the problems that can come from wearing a pad. Not only do they actually hold your sanitary napkin in place (no more pad acrobatics – hooray!), they also have a leak-guard so that even if pads do fail, girls don't have to worry about stains.


It's clear that period panties are what women have needed all along. The fact that menstrual belts stayed in use until up to the late 1970s – a good century after closed-crotch underpants came into vogue – is evidence that pads and underwear weren't on speaking terms until the advent of adhesive sanitary napkins. Even now, it's a chilly relationship. Women's underwear has remained firm: it will not change to accommodate one of the most essential needs women face.


At least not until now.


Finally there's an underwear line made especially for menstruating women. And while women of all ages can find comfort and stress relief with these products, they're especially helpful to teens. Many younger girls don't feel comfortable using tampons or menstrual cups, so the only option available is a sanitary pad. Teen girls today can simply place their pad into the specially-designed crotch of any Ruby Love period panty and head out into the world without fear. The level of confidence and freedom that gives a young girl is priceless.



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