Teen Period Underwear

From First Period Kits to leak-proof underwear and double-sided pads

No tampon required.

 Stop the stains. Our teen collection has maximum absorbency built-in.


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How Does Our Period Underwear Work?

No Tampon Required.

Period Underwear for Teen & Tween Girls

Menstrual cycles can be a struggle for teens and tweens. Not only are they dealing with getting their period for the first time, but their bodies are undergoing other changes, and managing hygiene, hormones, and school/sports can be overwhelming.

Moms everywhere wish that period underwear existed when they were kids! It looks and feels just like regular underwear, but offers discreet, odor-free protection from Aunt Flo. The biggest difference with Ruby Love? Unlike other brands, our period panties don't require a tampon or pad—they can be worn all on their own, making that time of the month much easier! Each pair absorbs up to 2.5 tampons worth of flow without anything extra. If you have a heavier flow or feel like you need more to get through the day, you can add our reusable double-sided pad or regular sanitary pad (you can get some free here) for even more leak-proof protection!

Moms, if you're interested in period underwear for yourself, we have a wide variety of period-proof panties for women here!

Teen Period Underwear for Sleeping & Sports

Many girls try our period underwear for sleeping first, then when they see that there's no more staining on their pajamas or sheets, move on to wear our undies throughout the day! They're perfect for regular everyday wear, or more vigorous activities like dance, gymnastics, or other sports. If you're on the swim team (or just want the same protection at the beach or pool), be sure to also check out our period-proof bathing suits—they're like period underwear for swimming!

Celebrate a Girl's First Period—& Each One After!

Ruby Love offers single pairs of period underwear as well as money-saving bundles, but even more popular are our First Period and Monthly Period Kits for teens and tweens! Each box comes with period-proof underwear for girls, but also include a bunch of other cute and trendy gifts she'll love.

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