Plus Size Period Underwear & Period Swimwear

No Leaks. No Stains. Maximum Protection.


After research and testing, we're proud to announce that we now offer our period underwear in sizes up to 8x.


Get maximum period protection ... no tampon required!

Bliss Seamless Plus-Size Period Underwear

Now in sizes up to 8x

Bliss Bikini

Select styles up to 8x

Bliss High Waist

Up to 6x

Bliss Hipster

Select styles up to 3x

Bliss Hipster

Select styles up to 3x

Ruby Classic Plus-Size Period Underwear

Sizes up to 3x

Classic Bikini

Classic Brief

Classic Hipster

Classic Hi-Waist

More Period Protection for Everyday Life

Sizes up to 3x

Period Swimwear

Period Sleepwear

Period Activewear

Plus Size Period Panties in Sizes up to 8X!

Period-proof underwear is still a relatively new concept, but more and more women each day are discovering just how much more comfortable and convenient it is compared to using pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. Not only are they reusable and reduce waste, but they're cozy, odorless, and super easy to wash! Each pair will collect up to 2.5 tampons' worth of flow on our own, and when paired with our reusable double-sided pad, you can enjoy an additional 4 tampons' worth of protection for the day! That's up to 6.5 tampons' worth of flow all in one comfortable and discreet pair of undies.

Starting at just $17.99 a pair (or less for some sale styles), give them a try today! We also have a wide selection of period panties for women and teens.

Plus Size Period Swimwear: Yes, You CAN Swim on Your Period!

Our period swimwear is so discreet (and cute!), that no one will know your bathing suit also offers all-day period protection—no tampon or pad required! We have dozens of styles to choose from, including bottoms, two-piece sets, and one-pieces. These bathing suits were made for water activity and hold up to 3 tampons' worth of flow all on their own.

Visit our period swimwear page for even more styles for women and teens!

How Does Ruby Love's Period-Proof Technology Work?

Unlike other brands, Ruby Love period panties and period-proof bathing suits offer leak-proof coverage without a tampon or additional protection required. That's because of our patented and award-winning technology: first, our dri-tech mesh helps stop front, side, and back leaks before they travel. Next, our cotton liner angles perfectly to collect your flow while also stopping odors.  The built-in absorbent liner absorbs up to 2.5 tampons worth of flow on its own, but if you'd like additional protection, you can add our reusable double-sided pad or regular sanitary pad (you can get some free here) for even more mileage! These options are perfect if you wish to wear period underwear for heavy flow.

Worldwide Shipping

Ruby Love is based in and ships out of the United States, but we ship worldwide! Our period undies are particularly popular in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Germany. Wherever you live, we can deliver maximum period protection right to your door! Be sure to send us a postcard (or tag us on Instagram!) so we see just how far our period-proof apparel travels to protect you.