Your First Period: How to Talk to Your Mom

Your First Period: How to Talk to Your Mom

Getting your very first period is a milestone, a rite of passage, an important moment and, even though pretty much all women (including your mom) have gone through this important first, it can still be a little tricky and a little awkward to figure out what to say and how to break the news.

Luckily, your mom will likely be expecting the conversation and will already have gone through having the conversation with her own mom, so she understands your feelings and she knows what’s up.

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But while she may be a pro, you may still have some awkward feelings. Here’s our survival guide for bringing up your first period:


Make a List

Sometimes, having your thoughts organized ahead of time will make it just that much easier. If you are feeling confused, emotional, scared, overwhelmed – get it all down on paper! List the physical symptoms you experienced, take note of how you are feeling mentally and emotionally and write down any questions you may have. That way, when you do talk to your mom, you do not forget anything important or feel like you have to remember so much.


Set Up a Time

Yup, if you do not feel comfortable coming right out and saying, “Hey mom, got my period!” you can totally treat it a bit like a meeting and let your mom know you have something important to talk about and ask if you guys can sit down later that day or at night? It is OK to make sure the talk is as private as you want it to be.


Stay Casual

Alternatively, telling your mom really does not have to be a big deal if you don’t want it to be. Remember, your mom’s been through this and she is expecting you to, at some time, go through it as well so it’s not like you will really be surprising her. A simple “Hey mom, I’ve got a question about my period” will break the ice and start the conversation.


Don’t be Afraid to be Direct

Your mom will be a fountain of knowledge, too so whether you are torn between tampons or pads (or refreshing leak-proof underwear alternatives!) or you want to know what to expect in terms of period length, she is there to fill you in! What do period cramps feel like? How often should you expect your period? Any and all concerns or confusions you may have, coming right out and asking your mom is the best way to set your mind at ease.

Moms have been through it all. They have had a first period and have had many more since so breaking the ice around your own first period really doesn’t have to be stressful. We’re all girls in this together and your mom knows this more than anyone. Be prepared, be calm, be direct – there is nothing you can ask and nothing you can say that will throw her for a loop. You’re in good hands.

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