Which Pad or Tampon Absorbency Is Right for Me?

Which Pad or Tampon Absorbency Is Right for Me?

Ultra-thin or maxi? When you first got your period, someone in your life probably handed you your first pad, and there’s a possibility that it was the wrong kind. What if we told you there’s a chance you’re still using the wrong type of pad or tampon for your flow? What would you do? Fix it, we hope!


Millions of women are using the wrong absorbency for their flow, and they’re probably wondering why. Today, we’re cutting out that wonder! Tired of using the wrong pad or tampon? Let’s find out what kind is best for you!


Periods change. What can we do about it? They’re hormonal. Get it?! Regardless of your age, your period probably isn’t the same as it was ten years ago and in five years it might change again.


Not only do they change as the years go by, but they even vary from day-to-day. Some women start off the first day of their period with a moderate flow before their second day becomes their heaviest. This might quickly taper off, or they might deal with multiple heavy days depending on the length of their period. When it comes to pads and tampons, you might find it necessary to play scientist and experiment for a period of time.


For choosing the right pad and tampon, there’s only one question you need to ask yourself:


Do you experience leaks?


This question will be the number 1 marker as to whether you’re wearing the right type of absorbency.


If you experience leaks:


For those of you who often experience leaks during your period, this is a clear sign that you need to use a higher absorbency. This could mean upgrading from a regular pad to a super one. This could even mean upgrading to an overnight or extra heavy pad.


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While a pad leak is extremely mortifying, it might not compare to a tampon leak. You might be wondering why but tampons give you more freedom when it comes to apparel and those body-conscious dresses don’t hide anything! When it comes to tampons, the choices are even easier than pads. There’s light, regular, super, and super plus, and as for tampons, you can immediately tell when you need to go up in absorbency! If you find that you’re already at super plus, your options would be to either move away from using tampons or pair them with ultra-thin pads or panty liners.


If you don’t experience leaks:


If you’re not experiencing leaks, this isn’t a fool-proof sign that you’re using the proper absorbency pad or tampon. In fact, this might show that the absorbency you’re using is more than you need. This calls for a bit more experimentation. If you wear tampons, try going down in absorbency while also pairing it with a panty liner. If you experience leaking, your previous absorbency was perfect for you! For pads, it’s harder to test, but a small cluster of blood would signify that the absorbency you’re using might be too high for your flow.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that no matter what product you choose to use, you should be changing your pads and tampons every 4-6 hours to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome. And if all else fails and you’re over trying to find the perfect absorbency pad or tampon, PantyProp period panties always has you covered with cute, leak-proof underwear!


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