When Your Period Signals a Problem

When Your Period Signals a Problem

As women, there are tons of things going on with our bodies, our period being the most noticeable. A natural part of our lives, our cycle should be a sign that our body is performing in the way it was made to. While this is true, our period can also be a sign that our body is in need of help. Without any outlying factors, your period should come like clockwork, and while this sometimes varies, the timeline of your cycle as well as what you’re seeing can be warning signs for a much-needed call to your gynecologist. Instead of missing those signs, we’re here to tell you what to look out for during your period.


The first thing you’d need to be on the lookout for is abnormal uterine bleeding. While this could be described as bleeding outside of your normal period, you could still experience it even on your period. There are a few reasons why a woman might experience this abnormal bleeding, some harmless and others more dangerous. Some of the more harmless reasons begin with hormone imbalances. Throughout our menstrual cycles, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone fluctuate and this can cause changes to your period schedule.


Polyps are another cause of this abnormal bleeding. Often appearing on the walls of the uterus or cervix, polyps are usually benign, but when they rupture, this can cause spotting between periods. While these reasons are often harmless, there are occasions where you’d need to pick up your phone to schedule a visit with your gynecologist.


If you’re experiencing extremely painful and heavy bleeding during your period, this might be caused to call your gynecologist. While many women experience cramps and a heavy flow, a heightened version of this could be a sign of adenomyosis. This is a condition where the lining of the uterus grows into the muscular wall of the uterus. Once this happens, the uterine lining thickens and sheds which leads to painful and heavy bleeding. If you’re experiencing excessive bleeding and unbearable plain during your period, this would definitely be a reason to visit your gynecologist.


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While you might only be looking at your period in aspects of time and amount, you also need to examine it for color! Heavy bleeding and irregular periods are major signs that something could be wrong, but you also need to look at the color of the blood. When it comes to your period, the blood should be bright red. If it is, this means you’re experiencing a normal period! Even if the blood appears to be dark red or brown, you don’t have to worry yet!


You’ll typically see this at the beginning of your period, and this is probably old blood from your last period. Tying into the hormone imbalances we talked about above, and if your blood is more pink than red, this could signify a hormone imbalance. While red is usually a warning sign anywhere else, during your period, grey is the big “Warning: Do Not Enter” sign. If you’re seeing grey during your period, this is when you’d need to pick up the phone right away. This could be the sign of an infection or miscarriage.


Our bodies are constantly doing whatever it wants especially when it comes to our periods. While there are definitely a few things that are “weird,” they can also be harmless. Outside of those, excessive bleeding, painful cramps, and grey-tinged blood are all signs that you need to pick up the phone and call your gynecologist. Even if your worries don’t encompass these issues, call your gynecologist. If you have concerns, no one will help you through them more than your doctor!


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