What Foods to Avoid During PMS?

What Foods to Avoid During PMS?

Are you cramping? Do you feel tired and irritable? You might even be experiencing bloating and fatigue. If you are, you’re probably PMSing. Medically known as premenstrual syndrome, millions and millions of women experience the symptoms when their period comes around monthly. Another “symptom” you might find that you have during your period is cravings.


Whether you’re craving a greasy burger or an entire tub of ice cream, we all get the taste for those foods. The real question is should we indulge in our cravings? While you might want to reach for that cupcake or piece of chocolate, you should check out if they're on our list of foods to avoid while PMSing!




Say goodbye to your coffee! You might feel the absolute need to get your fix in the mornings, but caffeine is something you should try to stay away from while on your period. While this might hit your coffee consumption hard, there are tons of other things that have caffeine including soda and tea. Not only can they worsen symptoms like anxiety, but they can also cause your breast to feel more tender.




When it comes to our periods, there's probably one snack that we all find ourselves gravitating towards - chips. Although they’re delicious and very convenient in the moment, they're definitely a food you should avoid while on your period. In general, salty foods are especially bad while you’re on your period. Consumption of these foods and snacks can lead to exacerbating your bloating problem. In order to keep any bloating at bay, decrease your sodium intake!


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You might've thought that since you should avoid salty snacks that you can have sweets. You’d be wrong! While salty foods aren't good for PMS symptoms, neither is sugar! When they taste so good, it's hard to believe that sweets wouldn't be good for you. Eating an abundance of sweets can cause a dramatic change in your blood sugar which can cause even more mood swings. Instead of indulging in ice cream or cookies, you might want to try fruit!




Ice cream, check! Milk and cookies, check! If these are some of your favorite snacks to indulge while you have your period, you should uncheck them off of your list! You might be debating which Ben & Jerry’s flavor to have, but you shouldn't have any! Dairy can cause you to feel more bloated, and it can also exacerbate one of the more painful symptoms of PMS - cramping.


Getting your period every month isn't a fun thing. It seems even worse when you think about the fact that you could be making it worse with the food you eat. We all get period cravings, and your body might be dying to reach for that bag of chips in the cupboard or that pint of ice cream waiting for you in the freezer. Before you reach for your favorite snacks, make sure your favorite PMS snacks aren't making your period worse.



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