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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Women: 7 Things She Never Knew She Wanted

When it's getting cold and frosty, and yet you feel warm and cozy inside, you know that the most wonderful season is here! And naturally, one of the funnest things to do during the holidays is shop for the supergirls in your life! Let them know they're pretty special with this extraordinary list of Christmas gift ideas for women.

1. Microwaveable Neck and Shoulder Wrap with Eye Mask

Pamper them with some much-deserved R&R with this weighted Neck and Shoulder Wrap and Eye Mask from True Sooth. This gift set is great for post-workout destressing. All items can be heated in the microwave to boost blood flow and soothe sore and painful muscles. Or your gal pals may also want their wraps and eye masks popped in the freezer for some refreshing "chill out" time. A bonus is the set's delicious aromatherapeutic lavender scent which can relieve stress and anxiety.

2. Forever Hot Coffee Mug

Keep their hot toddies and eggnogs at a toasty temperature with this high-tech Smart Mug from Ember. This app-controlled mug will keep their holiday drinks perfectly heated for as long as 1.5 hours (on a full charge) to beat the winter chill (between 120°F and 145°F). By pairing their smartphones with the Ember application, your best ladies can set their desired "hotness," customize presets, get notifications, and a whole lot more. They can also use it without connecting to the app, as the Smart Mug will default to the last temperature you used. This fantastic gift also turns off after 2 hours of inactivity and switches back on when it senses movement.

Ruby Love Ultimate Collection Box with Period Sleepwear, Period Swim Bottom, Period Swimwear, and Double-sided Pads

3. The Ultimate Collection Box 

The uber-long to-do list for the most wonderful time of the year can be nerve-wracking even for Wonder Woman. One needs to organize their holiday shopping, declutter their closets and camera memory cards, wrap presents…it can go on and on. And when one is stressed out, Auntie Flo's visit isn't always welcome. But the fantastic news is that you can help your gal pals feel forever assured—even when it's crazy busy—with the Ultimate Collection Box from Ruby Love

This unique collection offers complete period protection in one box. Each special set includes the following period essentials: 

But there's more—Ruby Love has also added a surprise gift with each purchase! With the Ultimate Collection Box from Ruby Love, your girls will have everything they need to live their best stress-free and leak-proof life!

4. Silk Pillowcases  

Christmas comes with many plusses, such as partying non-stop, indulging in scrumptious holiday buffets, and of course, creating memories with loved ones. But it also means another year of getting older for your BFFs. So help them keep their youthful look with Fishers Finery Silk Pillowcases. Made with 100% Grade 6A pure mulberry silk, this excellent bedtime partner gives that luxurious feel for drifting into heavenly sleep. Then, there's its oversized envelope flap that prevents your pillows from peeking out. But the best part is that it helps slow down the clock by reducing wrinkles and facial lines. On top of these, the luxurious beddings can also result in frizz-free and smoother hair, so your friends can say "Bye-bye" to bad hair days.

5. Infinity Together Earrings

What better way to celebrate your glamorous girls than with beautiful jewelry?! These gorgeous Infinity Together Earrings by Fernanda Sibilia are designed with double infinity symbols positioned together in blissful harmony. The dangling golden brass swirls are lovingly handcrafted in Argentina to exquisitely represent how much you value the women in your life. They're sure to treasure these precious and lasting mementos of your friendship for a long time to come.

6. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

All the Christmas shopping can totally sap one's energy. Lift up your lady loves with these Thulisa Naturals essential-oil-infused aromatherapy tablets from Anusha Moodley. Elevate their shower experience into a mood-enhancing spa moment. All they have to do is put one of these bliss-bearing tablets on their shower floor and run the steamy water. The tablet will release the therapeutic scents immediately, reviving and boosting their spirits. You can choose eucalyptus for better breathing, lavender and geranium for calm and composure, and rose for balance. Your gals will surely appreciate being refreshed and energized every time they step out of the shower.

Long-haired woman doing yoga in Ruby Love Black Period Leggings and a white cropped top

7. Period Leggings, Skinsuits, and Bodysuits

The "burrr" months can transform your landscapes into magical wonderlands. Get your besties to enjoy the views by heading outdoors and engaging in winter sports! And even if the crimson tide is on the rise, they don't have to be in the red. Ruby Love Period Leggings has got your chums' backs covered. Whether skiing, sledding, or snowboarding, Ruby Love has their period essentials down pat. Your loves can wear RUby Love Period Leggings, Period Skinsuits, or Period Bodysuits as great base layers for their cold-weather getups. Not only do these provide excellent insulation and create a streamlined silhouette, but they also deliver 100% worry-free period protection. 

Every single piece in Ruby Love's gorgeous Period Apparel collection is designed with our patented leak-proof technology, Dri-Tech Mesh, which helps stop all front, side, and back leaks. It also securely locks in our double-sided or sanitary pad for optional added protection. 

But that's not all! All of Ruby Love's period clothing comes with a built-in and super-absorbent organic cotton layer to help fight odor and keep dryness at bay. Then, the leak-resistant absorbent layer wicks away moisture. Finally, there's the exterior layer that locks it all together. 

So don't tarry! Avoid the holiday rush by shopping for your presents early—and wisely. Where else to start but with these Christmas gift ideas for women? And at the top of our list of perfect holiday treats for your gals is Ruby Love Period Apparel! So, shop Ruby Love today and make your girlfriends feel cherished and confident any time of the month!

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