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The Benefits of Wearing High Waist Panties

Women have come a long way from ancient civilizations to the 21st century. One clear proof is the evolution of feminine underwear. Then, the original prototypes were simple loincloths, strips of material, or even leather that went between the legs and around the waist. So, you can just imagine how women from the "dark ages" dealt with their period! Frankly speaking, it was quite a complicated business. The ancient Greeks, for instance, used a type of tampon made out of lint-covered lightweight wood. On the other hand, the Egyptian women of olden times were said to have used tampons from papyrus fibers. 

Thank goodness for modern and innovative undies! Now, we can choose from a wide variety of highly functional styles to meet every individual need or purpose. One such type of underwear that's been a godsend for many women in this high-tech era is what else but high waist panties! In this post, we will talk about this multifaceted undergarment, so you can discover how it can be your panty of choice. 

What are High Waist Panties

Because it can get confusing, let's first talk about what high waist panties are. How is it even different from hipsters, bikinis, and the rest of the "undercover" lot? The following aspects distinguishes high waist panties as a “cut” above the others: 

  • It features a waistband that encircles the body a bit higher up, typically about an inch above the midsection. 
  • The leg holes are cut much lower than bikinis, outlining where the thigh and the hips connect. 

What are the advantages of wearing high waist panties

  1. When you go through your period, you may experience abdominal bloating. This PMS symptom can make your tummy feel tight or full. The beauty of wearing high waist panties is that their waistbands, which hit right above the navel, don't cut into the belly. This would make high waist panties super comfy to wear even during your swollen or more achy days. 
  1. High waist panties have a vintage look, making them ideal for when you want to be extra. Putting on high waist panties can give you that retro or old-Hollywood vibe. So, go ahead, wear high waist panties, and experience  being queen for a day—or whenever you feel like it! 
  1. Feeling royal or regally confident in high waist panties doesn't mean you can't enjoy the experience of everyday comfort. High waist panties are typically made with soft cotton fabric, such as Ruby Love's High-Waist Period Underwear with a built-in, absorbent organic cotton liner. You get discreet, breathable, and comfortable undies that you can wear under your sporty clothes, to the gym, or even on a girls' night out—in short, with any activity you choose. 
  1. Do you feel like you sometimes need a bear hug? High waist panties can sure complete the "snuggle trio" with a soft blanket and a cup of hot chocolate to make you feel warm and cozy. This is because high waist panties can deliver that embraced or held-in feel. Even if you feel sore from your period or workout, great-quality high waist panties, like Ruby Love High-Waist Period Underwear in Black, can make you feel more comfy and safe. 
  1. Another distinct advantage of donning a pair of high waist panties is the coverage you get! With some types of underwear, glaring accidents can be all too common. For instance, there's always the possibility of plumbers' cracks. A plumber's crack is that topmost part of your buttocks that says "hello" when you bend over and your pants or bottoms slide down. With high waist panties, you can kiss goodbye to such embarrassing moments and always feel secure whenever and however you move! 
  1. The right underwear can also spell a ton of difference with the way you look. For instance, high waist panties can highlight or accentuate your lovely lady curves. The position of the underwear's elastic bands above the belly button helps your booty stand out and look more appealing. What it does is that it hugs your body snugly, pinpointing where your waist begins and outlining the shape of your hips. No matter how little the curves are, high waist panties can give your feminine features more definition. 
  1. High waist panties can also double up as excellent shapewear. If you keep postponing getting into that slinky dress or skirt because of unwanted lumps, then delay no more! With high waist panties, you can smoothen out those unflattering bumps. Top-notch panties, like Ruby Love High-Waist Period Underwear in Classic Ruby, can give you a more natural silhouette without the restrictive feel of shapewear. They also won’t bulk up under more sheer or thinner clothing materials like silk, cotton, and polyester. At the same time, they can also give you a butt lift by embracing your cheeks and "rounding" them up for a perkier bounce. Thus, high waist panties can help you become bolder and more confident. 
  1. High waist panties can also give yet another "shapely" difference to your look. With the distinctly higher waistband, high waist panties can make your legs look longer and leaner. Gone are the days of style-dampening granny panties. Today's much-updated version of high waist panties gives you a more appealing overall look that allows you to project the sexier and sultrier you. 

The quintessential panties for the perfect look and feel

With their many advantages and benefits, high waist panties are a great choice for today's cool and chic woman. But there are high waist panties—and then there are Ruby Love High-Waist Period Underwear

If you want that guarantee of perfection, only choose Ruby Love High-Waist undies. Our Ruby Love full-coverage hi-cut underwear is 100% maximum leak-proof and stain-free. It features the cutting-edge Dri-Tech Mesh that helps stop all front, side, and back leaks and securely locks in our double-sided pad or sanitary pad in place (for optional added protection). Unlike other brands, they can be worn alone or with a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup, depending on your flow—all without the bulky look or feel! So get all the benefits of top-notch quality underwear with Ruby Love High- Waist panties. Shop our delicious Ruby Love collection of period apparel ASAP—you deserve it!

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