Taboo Words to Teach Your Daughter to Say With Confidence

Taboo Words to Teach Your Daughter to Say With Confidence

Time of the month. Private parts. While these two phrases seem normal enough, they are used to cover up “taboo” words or phrases that most people wouldn’t dream of saying in a social setting.

Although these phrases are used to cover up words that might make others cringe in a conversation, they, in turn, have an effect on young girls who are now afraid to say them. When others make you feel as if a word related to your body is cringe-worthy, you might go on to view that body part as the same. We’re here to end that! If you want your daughter to be proud of her body and the natural things that her body goes through, check out these taboo words to teach her to say with pride!

When it comes to sex-ed, all the students walk into the classroom feeling awkward. Why is that? It’s probably because every student knows it’s filled with tons of words that either makes them want to laugh or avert their eyes from attention.

Even after this class, most young teens are afraid to say these words in a social setting. They’d rather use easy phrases like “private parts” or the derogatory version of them. Don’t let that be your daughter! These words are a natural part of life, so as long as she knows the proper way to use them, she should be unafraid to speak them!


Breast is one word that you’d find a TON of different words for. People seem to love to get creative with them. There are boobs, boobies, and mammary glands.

You’ll sooner find people refer to them as melons or twins before calling them what they are – breast! While your daughter might prefer to call them something else while she’s older, make sure she’s unafraid to say the actual word.


Hoo-ha. Vajayjay. Vag. Lady bits. Crotch. Womanhood. There are probably hundreds of different ways to say one word that your daughter might be apprehensive to say – vagina. When you think about it, what reason would anyone have to shy away from saying the word?

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Every woman has one. Without the option of C-section, every human being would come out of one. A vagina is nothing to be scared of and this is definitely one word your daughter shouldn’t be nervous about using.

While vagina isn’t the only word when it comes to sexual organs, she should be afraid to say the male sex organs, penis or testicles either!


When it comes to this word, not only are there hundreds and hundreds of different ways to say it, but most of them sound worse than the actual word itself! You’ll hear words like intercourse, fornication, and other words you definitely wouldn’t want your daughter repeating.

While intercourse and fornication are fine to say, saying the word “sex” seems like a taboo for many people. Most of the world is a product of sex, so this is another word she should have no qualms saying!


As a young girl or teenager, your daughter might still be coming to terms with dealing with her period. She’s probably heard many people sugarcoat the word with phrases like menstrual cycle or the most popular “time of the month.” For some odd reason, saying the word “period” outside the context of a grammar class is SO TABOO that many girls are afraid to even talk about it. Let’s hope this isn’t your daughter!

If she’s new to her period, not only is she dealing with her changing body, but she might be a bit embarrassed and confused about this process that doesn’t seem normal to her yet. She’s probably even afraid to say words like pads or tampons. She probably wouldn’t dream of saying our personal favorite, period panties like PantyProp. The fact of the matter is, she shouldn’t be afraid to say any of these words from “period” to the products she needs to manage it.

We’re not sure who started making these words “taboo,” but we sure wish it would end! By being afraid to say these words, it often causes young girls to be afraid or even ashamed of their body parts. From her breasts and vagina to her period, make sure your daughter isn’t afraid of her body and the way it works!

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