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Period Hacks: What to Wear to the Gym on My Period?

Being fit and fab means consistently eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet, hydrating with a lot of water, and getting plenty of quality Zzzs. Yet all of these essential to-dos aren't complete without regular physical activity. Your daily workouts are highly critical to your health and overall wellbeing.

So, when Auntie Flo comes around the corner, there's no reason to quit your regular exercise routine. Even if you aren't in the mood or feel a bit ouchy here and there, it's essential to keep at it. In fact, working out can even help you out of your PMS rut.

When you exercise, your brain releases the happiness hormones of serotonin and dopamine that help lower your stress and lift your spirits. It also pumps out endorphins, another happy hormone that blocks pain signals and helps relieve menstrual cramps.

We can see your thought cloud now, “what to wear to the gym on my period?” If you're worried that you don't have anything to work out in, fret no more! In this blog, we've gathered up a couple of great clothing ideas to make it easy for you to stay active—heavy-flow day or not. So read up and get that body moving! 

Top Items to Wear to the Gym

#1. Breathable Outfits 

The most breathable clothing material is, of course, cotton. In the game of smells, the natural material wins hands down over synthetic fabrics like polyester, which can promote more bacterial growth that emits intensely unpleasant odors. Thus, it can be perfect when doing light exercises at the gym.

However, cotton shirts and pants are also effectively absorbent. The downside is that they can trap fluids in copious quantities. You may end up sporting a soaked look—not what you want to go for if you're eyeing that cute fitness instructor.

If you usually work up a sweat at the gym, even with a typically light routine, you may want to opt instead for cotton blends. These combine the breathability of cotton with the moisture-wicking properties of polyester, moving sweat from your skin and making it evaporate quickly. 

#2. Sports Bra

The physical exertions and different movements and poses while working out can strain your breast ligaments, causing them to stretch and sag, especially if you have larger boobs. You may even experience some pain and discomfort.

So you'd want to look for clothes that are not just lightweight but also work as hard as you do. We're talking about sports bras that can support your girls while offering them enough flexibility to move and breathe. 

If you're shopping for this undergarment, search specifically for encapsulation sports bras. Unlike compression sports bras, encapsulation bras provide an individual cup to each breast for better support. Also, they don't feel as tight around the chest as compressions do. Lastly, they create a more natural breast shape so you can still look your perky best. 

#3. Period Bodysuits

A sexy option for activewear is a period bodysuit. A bodysuit is a form-shaping garment covering the torso and the crotch in one stretchy piece. This is popular among dancers, but you can also wear it comfortably for gym workouts. 

Period bodysuits are versatile clothing, like those created by Ruby Love for women and girls having their special time of the month. These are typically made with advanced technology to protect from leaks during menstruation (and even for incontinence). 

But not all period bodysuits are created equal. Ruby Love designed the ideal layering piece for day or night as a cami under your blouse or a leotard at dance class. And now, our bodysuit is an amazing period-proof layer, too! 

#4. Period Leggings

Although shorts are ubiquitous even at the gym, leggings may work better for you when you work out. For one thing, they cover most of your bottom half, keeping your quads, glutes, and calves tucked in good and tight. Second, it's easier to feel more secure as you stretch and spread those legs without worrying about any body part or undergarment peeking out.

The best pair of period leggings are those designed for the job. They should be lightweight and breathable (remember the first tip?) and offer optimal leak-proof protection, such as Ruby Love's #DoAnything Period Leggings. Each pair of leggings is made with 90% cotton and 10% spandex. This enables a feather-light feel, maximum breathability, and stretchability. With our absorbent leggings, you can run, jump, flip, or strike a yoga pose absolutely worry-free. 

#5. Period Underwear

Period underwear may be one of the most liberating innovations that the 20th century has gifted the modern woman. These hi-tech knickers feature moisture-wicking fabrics that pull away mense and other fluids from the body. These also trap and seal in the wetness, keeping you dry and comfortable. 

While several period panties may be effective in backing up other feminine products like pads and tampons, some, like Ruby Love Period Underwear, can be worn with or without other menstrual paraphernalia. In addition, our period panties offer up to 2.5 tampons' worth of absorbency, so you get built-in, all-day protection—no tampon required.

Ruby Love Period Underwear is available in a range of adorable styles from Bikini, Hipster, Brief, and High-waist. They come in teen sizes too! 

#6. Gym Footwear

No pain, no gain, right? But it's possible to achieve none of your fitness goals and still get sore muscles with the wrong gym footwear. It can be hard to choose from among the different kinds of available workout shoes, though.  The simple solution? Pick the pair that's specific to your exercise routine. Here are the three main types of fitness footwear: 

  • Cross-trainers

Choose these if you're doing strength training or any type of cardio activity except treadmill running. The soles of these shoes are flat enough for you to grip the ground with your feet while lifting weights. They also have these cushioned soles that soften the impact of exercise on your joints. 

  • Lifting Shoes

These shoes are for powerlifting, which you'd want to skip while on your period to avoid exercise-induced inflammation. 

  • Running Shoes

Running shoes are meant for working the treadmill (or long-distance running when outdoors). It can be tempting to use the same cross-trainers from strength training to the running machine. But wearing the right shoes allows your feet to move more naturally and helps prevent injuries. These can also help you improve your gait and perform better. 

Don't forget to wear breathable cotton socks with just the right level of tightness so they don't constrict your feet nor slide off easily. 

#6. Confidence

Confidence is the most priceless thing you can wear to the gym during your period. The simplest gym outfits can make you look fierce with the right kind of attitude. Get worry-free and leak-proof confidence with Ruby Love period apparel. All Ruby Love products feature smart, intuitive, patent-pending technology that offers maximum absorption, protection against leaks and stains, peace of mind, and absolute discretion so that period days can be like every other day. Shop our gorgeous collection of period underwear, swimwear, sleepwear, and activewear today!
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