How to Prepare My Tween or Teen Daughter for Camp on Her Period

How to Prepare My Tween or Teen Daughter for Camp on Her Period

Pads, tampons, and cups, oh my! When it comes to your growing daughter, she might still be getting used to having her period. There’s also a chance that she’s never had to experience it or manage it while she’s on her own. With spring underway and summer rolling around the corner, she might be headed to camp for a few days or maybe even a few weeks. Rather than shoving a few pads or tampons into her bag before she leaves, check out our tips on how to properly prepare your daughter!


What Products Should She Bring?

Before you plan for her camping trip, talk to your daughter about what hygiene product she prefers to wear. There are tons of different options to choose from including pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and period panties.

If she isn’t ready to insert her feminine hygiene products into her vagina, set her up with a rotating use of pads and period panties. If she is comfortable with tampons and menstrual cups, just make sure she’s responsible enough to remember to change them.


How Often Will She Be Able to Change Her Products?

In order to decide what products to stock your daughter with, you might need an idea for the activities they have planned. When it comes to feminine hygiene products, both pads and tampons need to be changed every few hours. While tampons put you at a higher risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), it is still possible with pads.

If she is unsure about how often she’ll be able to change her products, stock her up with more pads than tampons. Although she will still need to change them regularly, the use of the pad will be more ideal than the insertion of the tampon.


What Happens if She Leaks Through Her Clothes?

Leaking through your clothes is one of the biggest worries when a woman has her period. In order to prevent this, we’d recommend the PantyProp Prop Teen underwear. While these also include an absorbent layer, they are perfectly paired with pads or tampons to provide an extra layer of protection and an extra barrier to keep the mind at ease.


Can She Go Swimming?

Of course! There are tons of myths surrounding your period and swimming. Some people believe that you’re more prone to a shark attack. This is absolutely not true and definitely won’t affect her at a campsite. What a few other people believe is that your flow stops while in water. DON’T let your daughter go to camp believing this. While the water pressure might stop the blood from actually leaving your body, she might be in for a rude awakening when she steps out of the pool or lake.

If she wants leak-proof protection while she swims, she’ll be set with a few PantyProp swim pieces. With a variety of one-pieces and two-pieces, she can still look cute without having to worry about her period!

As your daughter prepares for a camping trip, she might be a little apprehensive, especially if she’ll be dealing with her period on her own for the first time. It’s important to check that she understands the capability of all the products she has. Many young girls still feel a taboo about their period, so just reassure her that it’s okay! She shouldn’t be afraid to ask to be excused and her female counselors are probably ready and able to help her if needed!

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