How to Manage Holiday Weight Gain With a Few Easy Tricks

How to Manage Holiday Weight Gain With a Few Easy Tricks

Everyone knows that during the holidays, we all, can we say…indulge a bit. Making a few adjustments to your everyday routine can make a big impact!


Eat a protein-packed breakfast with a small portion of complex carbohydrates that help keep you full longer and avoid unnecessary snacking between meals. If you feel satisfied throughout the day, it might make it easier to resist those leftover holiday treats that are usually just so conveniently around.


The stress of the holidays and sadness that comes after they are over can be overwhelming for some of us. Why not take your stress to the gym and let it work for you rather than against you.


Make a plan, and stick to it! Preplanning your day, even week, ahead can reduce anxiety and help manage your time. Utilize a calendar on your phone and mark important dates you want to catch. Creating checklists can also keep your organized.


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Stay up to date with designers that have online boutiques. Shopping from home can help keep you on task with your holiday shopping all while staying warm and out of the crowds.


Stay hydrated! Keep tension headaches and overeating at bay by drinking adequate amounts of water. It is usually recommended that you drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water each day. Water is essential for regulating body temperature and maintaining other important functions of the body.


It is also important to remember that if you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water. Wait about twenty minutes and then see if you still want to snack. It could be that you are just dehydrated.


Most importantly, make sure you are carving some time out for yourself. Try getting a manicure or taking a relaxing bubble bath. Taking care of yourself and pampering will help you feel good and ready to tackle anything off your to-do list!


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