How to Get Rid of Any Period Stain

How to Get Rid of Any Period Stain

It’s a tale as old as time, right? When you get your period, we all have the same worries. One worry might be that you can’t wear appropriate clothes without VPL (visible panty line). Nothing ruins an outfit more than being able to see your underwear through your clothes.


While a visible panty line is unfavorable, you’d probably agree that a stain is worse. Many of us have experienced food or drink stains on our clothes, but what about the ever-dreaded period stain.


It seems like you’re stuck in a nightmare when you’ve seen that you’ve stained your underwear, but what happens when it goes deeper than that and stains your actual clothes? You might think that your underwear or your clothes are permanently ruined, but that’s not true!


Getting period stains out of your clothes is possible. You just need to know what to do! Check out our tips on how to get rid of any period stain.




When you get a period stain, the first course of action is to attack the stain. It's best to get to the stain as soon as possible, so it doesn’t have a chance to settle into the clothes. There are tons of different products you can use to remove the stain, whether it’s a household product or an item on your next shopping list.


Soap and water. The first thing you want to do is run the period stain underneath cold water. This can immediately help with the stain and help lighten it. After you have run the stain underwater, you can rub the area with soap. Regardless of whether you’re using bar soap or dish soap, rub the area gently to help lighten the stain.


Baking soda. If you have some time, try using baking soda on your period stain. Simply combine it with some water to form a paste, then apply to the stain and let it sit for a while. Depending on the size and depth of the stain, you can let this sit for as little as half an hour to as long as overnight!


Hydrogen Peroxide/Bleach. Period stains might be as stubborn and persistent as your cycle. Sometimes the simple trick of soap and water might not work, so you have to get your hands dirty! Making sure to handle it with care, try dabbing hydrogen peroxide on the area if you’re dealing with a light-colored fabric.


For those who are wary of using hydrogen peroxide, you might also try using lemon juice to help lift the stain.




Now that you’ve attacked the stain, there’s only one thing left to do. Wash the clothes! For period (blood) stains, it is said that enzyme-based detergents work best. Luckily for us, most detergents are already enzyme-based. The reason you’d need this type of detergent is because they are great for breaking down protein stains which is exactly what you have when you get a period stain.


Wash your clothes as usual but make sure the stain is out of your clothes before throwing it in the dryer. If not, the heat can actually help seal the stain into your clothes.


Period stains are the worst! Don’t let them get the best of your and ruin your favorite clothes. Try these tips to see if you can remove the stain from your clothes and life!

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