How Menopause Can Cause Bladder Leaks

How Menopause Can Cause Bladder Leaks

Having trouble holding your bladder? If you’re having trouble, there’s a chance you’re getting older. If you’re getting older, you’re nearing the age where you’ll be walking through the front door of menopause. While our bladder tends to weaken as we get older, menopause also has a growing effect on it. Are you nearing that time? For all the women who are worried about dealing with incontinence in their future, we’re breaking down the symptoms, causes, and how to manage it.


It seems that we spend most of our lives anticipating and dealing with our periods, but no one ever prepares you for menopause. After 30 years of dealing with your period, your body is usually ready to go through menopause. While most women are anticipating the normal symptoms of fatigue, hot flashes, insomnia, and osteoporosis, incontinence is not something that everyone expects. This is a growing effect of menopause on older women. What we’re sure you really want to know is 411 on incontinence and as always, we have you covered!


While we’ve said the word numerous times, some women might be wondering what incontinence is. Incontinence is losing the ability to control your bladder or bowel movements. This often appears in the form of urine leaks from simple tasks such as sneezing, laughing, or even coughing. These movements normally put some kind of pressure on your bladder which causes these leaks. While the likelihood of this usually increases with age, you’ll find that menopause also plays a role in this.


Let’s first go over some of the causes as to why menopausal women deal with bladder incontinence. A lot of the issues with bladder incontinence stem from issues with your pelvic muscles. One of the major reasons that menopause leads to incontinence is because it weakens the pelvic muscles. Due to this, this would cause you to have less control over your bladder.


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Another reason is that your bladder begins to lose elasticity. Think of your bladder as a balloon. Your bladder is able to fill up to a certain extent, but once it surpasses it, you feel the need to empty it. When you begin to go through menopause, consider your bladder a shrinking balloon. While you might’ve been a pro at “holding it,” you might find that an increasingly smaller number of fluids sends you to the bathroom.


One of the last major reasons for urinary incontinence is estrogen - or the lack thereof. When learning about female anatomy, the most popular hormone you’ll hear about is estrogen. As your body begins to go through menopause, it produces less and less estrogen which can cause your pelvic muscles to weaken as well.


Now that we’ve gone over the menopausal causes behind incontinence, if this is a condition that follows you after, you can expect the following symptoms: bladder leaks while laughing and coughing, leaks on your way to the bathroom, and constantly waking up to urinate. You might even find yourself having bladder leaks in the gym while exercising!


This can easily be embarrassing, but you don’t have to live that way! There a quite a few solutions to helping you manage your urinary incontinence. One way is to keep your weight down! Weight gain is an increasing reason why one might develop urinary incontinence. While you’re exercising to help maintain your weight, be sure to exercise those pelvic muscles!


Strengthening them is another way to help control and manage your incontinence. And while these are all ways to help diminish your incontinence issues, you’ll find that you need something a bit more leak-proof and that’s where PantyProp comes in handy. With an assortment of bikini, hi-cut, and hipster underwear, PantyProp provides leak-proof wear perfect for all of life’s occasions.


Don’t let urinary incontinence stop you in your tracks! Laughing and exercising are two very normal parts of life so instead of forcing yourself to go without them, make sure you’re managing your incontinence with the right steps.


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