Everything You Need to Know About Going Off the Pill and How It Affects Your Period

Everything You Need to Know About Going Off the Pill and How It Affects Your Period

When did you go on the pill? Were you a teen who was sexually active or did you use it to help clear up acne? Did you wait until you were older and made the decision that you weren’t ready to have children? It’s possible that you might’ve started birth control a short while ago.


While everyone understands the purpose of birth control, we’re sure there are millions of women out there who don’t know what to expect after going off the pill. If you’re curious as to what happens after you end your scheduled relationship with birth control, look no further.


In order to discuss how going off birth control will affect you, let’s first go over the menstrual cycle and how birth control affects it. The menstrual cycle begins in a woman’s ovaries. A major part of her reproductive system, the ovaries are responsible for producing the ova (or egg). The body usually releases one egg at a time.


The egg travels to the Fallopian tubes where it waits to be fertilized. What happens to the egg at this point is what separates you from being pregnant or getting your period. If the egg gets fertilized by sperm, boom! You’re pregnant. If not, you can expect your regularly scheduled period.


Regardless of whether the egg has been fertilized or not, the egg travels to the uterus. If it’s fertilized, it begins to develop. If it hasn’t been fertilized, the endometrium, or uterine lining, begins to shed and this marks the beginning of your menstrual cycle with the bleeding of day one. Now, if you’re on birth control, the pill or whatever system you use will stop a very important part of the menstrual cycle – ovulation.


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When one goes on birth control, they are essentially stopping ovulation which is the release of the egg from the ovaries. In doing so, this will change your period. Dependent on the person and the system they’re using, this can change how often it comes to its duration.


While going on birth control often changes a woman’s period, many women decide to go on birth control to regulate or stop their period. This is why the time after going off birth control can be a bit confusing. Many women don’t know what to expect, but here’s an idea!


Our bodies are flooded with hormones and so are birth control pills. They cause our hormone levels to fluctuate and they actually stop the body from releasing an egg during ovulation. After going off of birth control, you can definitely expect your period to return, but don’t be surprised if the ETA is a question mark. Since your body was functioning with a different level of hormones, going off of birth control will force it to regulate back to normal.


During this time, you probably won’t know when your period is set to arrive. As your period regulates itself, it’s normal for the heaviness and numbers of days to change as well so don’t be alarmed! It could take some time for your period to return to its regular schedule.


Birth control is a great thing especially when you think about all the benefits it can give you. While most people know what to expect when going on it, there’s a lot of questions about how the body regulates itself after going off. While we can tell you what to expect, if you ever have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to reach out to your gynecologist.


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