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Cute Outfits to Wear on Your Period

“Life is short, make every outfit count” could perhaps be one of the most accurate and wisest words that have ever been uttered. But can this mantra still be true during Auntie Flo’s scheduled visits and you can’t find anything “safe” to wear? To that question, we give a loud and whopping yes!

Whether you're the savvy and adventurous online shopper or the wait-I-must-try-it-on-first type, you won't have to search far and wide to find those oh-so-cute outfits you can wear during your period. While your ovaries are busy at work, you can still have fun with fashion. In fact, there's no better excuse to be wearing or shopping for great-looking clothes than when you’re on your monthly cycle. After all, looking good while on your period can give you that boost of confidence to face the day and forge ahead.

The thing is, there are so many choices that it can be so easy to get overwhelmed. Panic not! We've come up with foolproof, tried-and-tested ideas that can score you those picture-perfect period looks. So chase away the blues on your red-letter days with these cute outfits to wear on your period.

Back to black

Let’s start with the basic black jeans or pants. Do you want to look chic but are worried about leaks that can cramp your style? Pair your favorite black bottoms with the same black, dark gray, or navy blue top to create the classy Parisian vibe—and protect yourself from unwanted exposure at the same time. To boost your confidence, wear your dark-colored clothing with Ruby Love period underwear, which has a built-in absorbent liner that can absorb up to 2.5 tampons worth of flow. Looking leaner, longer, and so self-assured has never been this easy!

Scarf It Up!

Still feel something's missing from your outfit? Throw on a thick scarf or two in bright, bold shades, such as fuschia pink or electric blue, to add a pop of color. You can also cuddle up into these fuzzy blanket-like accessories whenever you need to feel toasty and snug.

Asymmetrical Is In

If you feel like toning down the seriousness of your dark monochromatic ensemble or if you’re simply going for a softer look, just pick any color and style of top you want. Remember the rule of thirds in fashion? It's basically avoiding breaking up your look by wearing perfectly symmetrical silhouettes that can give you an unflattering, boxy appearance.

Fresh and Flouncy

If you’re the type of gal who can't stand close-fitting clothes during their period, then fresh and flouncy dresses are just the ideal cute period outfits for you. Loose and breathable dresses in dainty floral prints in pastel shades or vibrant colors may be just what you need to lift up your spirits while on your period.

Whether you decide to match your garms with some fancy high-heeled shoes or comfy sneakers for a more playful vibe, the “dressy” look will always be chic and charming. So dance and prance in your pretty little dress—just like no one's watching. Oh, and don't forget to put on that sweet smile—that's one precious accessory that can make all the difference.

Why Not White?

Well, we did suggest that you wear black. And with good reason.

Regardless of how ultra-chic a white getup can be, it’s typically not an option for most ladies while on their period. But there are times when that crisp, white ensemble can be too cute and too tempting to be ignored...

We say, “Don’t let your period stop you!” Go ahead and be bold enough to wear that white button-down blouse and overalls. The key? Period undies. Ruby Love Period Underwear High Waist, for example, has a 2-layer leak-proof liner made of 100% cotton. There’s also the Ruby Love Period Underwear Hipster, which can be worn alone or with a pad or tampon. Your Instagram OOTD can now be free of color or style restrictions. The only thing you have to worry about is which filter to go with!

Easy Athleisure

When you're on your period, it can be challenging to be so sunny and bright and energetic all the time. You just feel like curling up in bed and sleeping the day away. Don't let the red army get to you. Get back on track in comfy yet chic period athleisure, like Ruby Love Period Activewear, which allows you to freely move around without worrying about embarrassing leaks. Don your best activewear or athletic wear and look all sporty and perky (working out is an option).

Loose and High-Waist Bottoms

When you’re feeling down because it’s that time of the month again, you don't want to feel restricted with your choice of clothing. It’s easy to sport some leggings or yoga pants, but for corporate women who have to go to the office, they'll want to keep their look professional, or at the very least, business casual. If you're one of the ladies who lunch—that is, at work—then your best bet is some high-waisted and loose trousers. You can never go wrong with something that looks chic and feels comfy at the same time. Not only will the ensemble camouflage your period tummy (which has decided to “rise to the occasion"), but it will also make you feel less stifled. You won’t have to hold your breath to hide anything anymore. How’s that for a win-win?

Leak-Free Look

Whichever of these cute outfits you choose, remember that the best look is the worry-free look. Make it so with Ruby Love period apparel, with Dri-Tech Mesh technology that helps stop all front, side, and back leaks. This innovation in period wear can securely lock in our double-sided pad or sanitary pad in place for optional added protection. Shop from Ruby Love’s period collection today.

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