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Beach Packing List for a Teenage Girl

Nothing beats summertime at the beach for teenagers! Gorgeous nature views, the warm sand between your toes, and memories of super fun times with loved ones—it’s pure bliss! Yet it's all too easy for things to go wrong, especially if you didn't make enough preps! So keep stress away and enjoy a carefree time at the beach with this quintessential beach packing list for a teenage girl. 

Top Beach Packing Essentials for Your Teenage Girl 

So why can't you just bring the beachy things you used to pack for her as a little girl? That's because, as a teenager, your girl may now be a bit "extra." As a result, she will need more than the towel and shovel-and-bucket set you used to throw into her beach bags. But don't worry—with this beach packing list for a teenage girl, you can simply tick off the items and keep your cool.

1. Waterproof makeup 

If your teenager is starting to be picky about her looks, she'll probably want to experiment with makeup. But she may need a bit of guidance from you in this department. First, let her have fun with prettifying herself using water-resistant and hypoallergenic makeup that won't damage her skin. Keep her makeup and confidence from melting away in the hot summer sun with sweat-proof mascara, lipstick, and other cosmetics. Finally, don't forget to give her makeup tips to get her that all-natural sun-kissed look she wants to go for.

2. Beach towel

Beach towels aren't just for drying off. They're called precisely that because they're also meant for lazing on sandy beaches. Imagine catching the rays and completely chilling out or drifting off to sleep. Your teenager can't have any of that without the perfect beach towel! Make sure she has one in the right size, at least as long as she is tall. A little bit longer is even better. You'll also want it to be water-absorbent, comfortable (cheap but itchy material is a no-no), and handy. Good-quality microfiber towels may be a good solution because they can absorb water well and aren't bulky. While nautical stripes are a classic print, your teenager may want to be unique. Choose a print and color that suits her style. 

3. Sun protection

As much as we love the sun and all the fun times it brings, it can also damage our skin. Sunburn, dry skin, or discoloration aren't the souvenirs you want your "little one" to bring home with her. Thus, these sun-protective items are must-haves in any beach packing list for a teenage girl.

  • Sunscreen lotion

The sun can cause sunburn and other not-so-pleasant skin conditions, taking the fun out of your girl's beach time. Pack in a mineral sunscreen lotion with an SPF of at least 30 so she stays sun-protected. Make sure to remind her to reapply every two hours.

  • Sunnies

The sun can harm our sensitive eyes, causing pain, inflammation, and nerve damage. In addition, the delicate skin around them is particularly vulnerable to the sun's harsh rays. Protect your teenager's peepers with sunnies or sunglasses with top-notch UVA and UVB protection. Get her to choose from the trendiest oversized Aviator styles, jeweled tones, and architectural or futuristic shapes.

  • A wide-brimmed hat 

Naturally, your teenager will protest if you ask her to wear long-sleeved shirts and slacks to the beach! But you can still amp up her sun protection by wearing a soft hat with wide edges. Such headgear can shield her entire face away from the sun's damaging glare. Of course, it doesn't hurt that wearing one (think of a straw beach hat!) can complete her chic summer lewk.

4. First-aid kit for the beach

Preparing for the worst can help ensure your girl gets the ultimate fun experience at the beach. Help keep her protected from the unexpected by including the following first-aid kit items:

  • Anti-inflammatory meds and pain relievers
  • Bandages
  • Disposable instant ice packs
  • Tweezers (for removing splinters and jellyfish stingers) 
  • An unopened bottle of purified water (for washing sand from minor cuts)
  • Aloe vera gel (for sunburn)
  • Bug repellents (for those nasty mosquitoes, biting flies, and ticks)

5. Music gear

Let your teenage girl soak in that beachy vibe by adding portable music gear to her packing list. Your teenager can wear her earbuds and enjoy her favorite beats without disrupting the "zone" of others with a different jam. If she's with her homies, a portable waterproof speaker can make a beach party happen anytime and anywhere! Remember to include electronic music sources such as a smart phone or tablet.

6. Beach reads

Expect some "downtime" at the beach when she wants to take her mind off the heat and do some real lounging. Get her a couple of good laidback reads, such as a mystery or romance novel that will indulge her taste for "traveling."

7. Several swimsuits

A serious beach packing list for a teenager cannot not have a couple of swimsuits. 

While playing beach games, she may want to look cute in several stylish swim outfits, such as Ruby Love Teen Period Swimwear. Or she may need a more athletic swimsuit, like Ruby Love Activewear, for more intense water activities like surfing. Also, remember that your "little one" belongs to the digital age where each vacation moment is recorded in tons of photos. So, she may want to be snapped in several stylish outfits to choose the best pictures to add to her IG account.

8. Swimsuit wrap

A lot of times, your daughter will be out of the water to grab a bite to eat or go to the bathroom. Or she may want to relax and sit by the shore. In any case, swimsuit wraps or cover-ups can help her go about with ease around the beach. 

9. Beach footwear

Packing in the proper footwear can significantly affect how well your girl will enjoy her time at the beach. Just imagine her having to wear her soggy rubber shoes or going barefoot when the sand is too hot. Not good at all, right? Keep her comfy and cool by ensuring she brings different footgear for the various things she wants to do. The basics are, of course, her trusty rubber flip-flops. Here are several more she may want to bring:

  • Sandals for beach walking
  • Beach running shoes
  • Scuba diving shoes
  • Water shoes (for wearing in and out of the water, also for different water sports) 
  • Trekking shoes (for climbing the mountain creeks around the beach)

10. Period apparel

The last thing you want your teenager to worry about at the beach is her period! So pack in the ultimate guarantee for carefree fun with period apparel for your teen. Ruby Love Teen Period Underwear or Ruby Love's Period Skinsuits and Period Resort Swimwear help stop front, side, and back leaks in and out of the water!

Ruby Love period apparel gives girls the freedom to stay active at the beach even during their period days! Your precious one won't be pressured to insert foreign objects like tampons or menstrual cups, often riddled with chemicals, into her body at an early age — but she still gets total security. Our technology features a discrete built-in absorbent organic cotton liner that is perfectly angled to collect flow from all sides.

The teenage years are some of the best years of your daughter's life. Help her make it so with stress-free and leak-proof protection that only Ruby Love period apparel can give. Shop our totally stylish collection today!
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