8 Weird Period Symptoms That Aren't Cramps

8 Weird Period Symptoms That Aren't Cramps

OUCH! It’s that time of the month again. While you’re not looking forward to bleeding for the next few days, you’re definitely dreading those cramps that are soon to come! Cramps might be one of the most common period symptoms amongst menstruating women, but after reading this article, you might consider yourself lucky! There are a few weird and not-so-weird symptoms that are often associated with your period. Let’s count down the 8 weird period symptoms that aren’t cramps!


Not So Weird




When it comes to period symptoms, bloating is definitely one that is “not so weird.” As you look in the mirror, you might notice that your abdomen protrudes a bit more than it did yesterday! During your menstrual cycle, your hormones cause you to retain water. The bloated look is also exacerbated by your uterus! Since more blood is flowing to your uterus than normal, this causes it to swell, giving you the look of a few extra pounds!




Just like bloating, headaches are another common symptom that you might find plaguing you during your period. They occur often due to the increase or decrease of hormones during your cycle. If you get headaches in the days leading up to your period and during it, this is probably due to your body’s drop in estrogen. The hormone helps regulate the body’s reaction to pain, so you can understand why you’d have a major headache.


Fluctuations in Sleep Pattern


Notice a change in your sleeping pattern when on your period? In the middle of your period, the hormone, progesterone, significantly drops. While you might’ve been able to get a good night’s sleep before, progesterone is a hormone that can work as a mild sedative, so the decrease in this hormone is probably the cause of your restless nights.


Food Cravings


GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD! If you feel like you’re ready to binge eat everything in sight, there’s a reason for that! When your body’s estrogen levels increase and progesterone decreases, which is common during the period, this also causes a drop in blood sugar which is why you’re dying for cookies, candy, ice cream, and more!


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Low Sex Drive


No amount of soft music and candles can save you. Another side effect of the fluctuating hormones during your period is a low sex drive.


Totally Weird




Are you ready for a new one? While millions of women are dealing with cramps and headaches, there are also women who can add clumsiness to their list of period symptoms. Some doctors attribute this to low estrogen levels which can ultimately affect your balance. Many others believe it to be due to the rise in progesterone. As mentioned with fluctuations in sleep patterns, the hormone can act as a mild sedative so you might find a decrease in your reaction time after tripping over that curb!


Constipation or Diarrhea


Grab a new roll of toilet paper! One symptom you might get during your period is a change in your bowel movements. Another effect of fluctuating hormones, you might find that it’s way too easy or much harder to use the bathroom!


Sensitivity to Pain


Ouch! If there’s a common trend during your period, it’s not only that it comes with a lot of pain, but you’re also sensitive to it! While it’s clear that cramps will hurt, you might find that common tasks like waxing or plucking your eyebrows will cause you more pain than when you are not on your cycle!


As if women had a shortage of problems to deal with, you have to add symptoms like clumsiness and diarrhea to the already long list of period symptoms. While some of them might seem embarrassing, there are millions of women in the same boat as you! We’re all in this together!


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