5 Things to Distract Yourself With When You've Got Really Bad Cramps

5 Things to Distract Yourself With When You've Got Really Bad Cramps

Do you ever just want to curl up into a ball to soothe your period cramps? We have! Every month when your period rolls around, you can only hope the cramps don’t try to force you into submission.


With the pressure and pain that spreads from your uterus to cover your entire lower abdomen, you can only hope for ways to decrease the pain. Sometimes, this isn’t all the way possible, but there are ways that you can distract yourself from the pain. Instead of wallowing in your bed with a heating pad, you might need a few ways to distract yourself from your period cramps.


Look no further! We don’t have time for the pain, and neither do you! Check out our five ways on how to keep your mind off your cramps.




While exercise might be the last thing on your mind as you experience period cramps, it’s one of the best methods to distract you from the pain. Strength-training might not be particularly good during this time, but cardio and yoga are! Spending countless minutes on a treadmill might not be appealing to you so yoga might be the ultimate answer.


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When doing yoga, your mind has to be focused on the moves which lead you away from thinking and focusing on your cramps. Not to mention that exercising and yoga can actually reduce the pain from cramps!


Watch a Movie


Nothing grabs our attention more than a good movie. It’s easy to fall into the characters and plot, and that’s just what you need while experiencing bad cramps. Personally, we’d recommend a comedy because laughter is the best medicine for anything but a good thriller can keep you on edge and thinking more about the film than your cramping uterus.




Similar to yoga, for meditation, your mind needs to be focused on one thing. Often, meditation begins with focusing on your breathing. If you’re genuinely focusing, it’s hard for other things to enter your mind which is perfect if you’re trying to forget period cramps. Focus on your breathing, the sounds around you and even focus on the air. With your mind in the right place, you can concentrate on anything except the pain!


Jam to Your Favorite Tunes


There’s a reason that many people gravitate towards music. It’s because not only does it often describe how we feel, but also, it affects our mood. Listening to your favorite songs or feel good music is a quick way to forget about your bad cramps. To better prepare yourself for each time of the month, just make a playlist, so it’s at the ready when the pain starts kicking in.


Meet Up With Your Friends


Is there anything better than meeting up with your friends for a good pow-wow? When we have our period, we often choose to be alone because we don’t want to be bothered. Sometimes being around friends is the perfect way to get those cramps off your mind. Sometimes all you need is your best friends and a little gossip to tide you over and keep your mind off your period.


With all the symptoms that come with having your period, cramps are probably the worst. No one cares for them, and I’m sure we all wish they weren’t at the forefront of our minds, but they don’t have to be! There are tons of ways to keep ourselves busy and distracted from the pain. Try out these methods and kiss those cramping thoughts goodbye!


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