Can Periods Make You Feel Sick?

Can Periods Make You Feel Sick?

Even though the presence of our period shows that our body is healthy and working properly, it doesn’t always feel like that. Sometimes your period can make you feel run down, tired, nauseous, or anxious. But all of these feelings are completely and totally normal! Your hormones are going wild during your period, which could be why you feel sick before your period starts and while you’re on it. You may even feel like you have the flu! Nausea, vomiting, fever, full-on body aches—the symptoms can be extreme. But there’s no need to worry! Here are a few things that can help:


Ginger Ale

If you’re anything like me, being nauseous can be the worst feeling in the world. Ginger ale is great for calming down an unsettled stomach because ginger is known to have calming properties that help make an upset stomach a little happier. Ginger works the same way, but I prefer the sweet and bubbly taste of ginger ale!





Now, not everyone likes to take ibuprofen for every little thing that’s bothering them, but if you’re the type of person that doesn’t mind taking medicine from time to time, then this is perfect for you. It can take a while to kick in, but you’d be surprised with how much good some rest and a little ibuprofen can do for you!


Ruby Love Sleepwear

You really don’t want to have to worry about period stains on your sheets while laying in bed and suffering from the symptoms it’s giving you! You need to be able to rest completely, especially if you don’t feel 100%. Enter Ruby Love period-proof sleepwear! This sleepwear was specifically designed for sleeping while on your period, so stains while lounging around are a worry no more!


Essential Oils

Last but not least, essential oils can work wonders for you when you’re feeling under the weather. They’re a popular natural remedy and can even help you feel more relaxed! Lavender oils are perfect for winding down after a long day of feeling sick because of your period. They work great in baths, oil diffusers, even in lotions! The possibilities are endless. I even like to keep a little lavender oil on me to use if I ever feel stressed and need a pick me up!


So, all in all, periods can definitely make you feel like you are getting sick. If you think you’re actually sick or getting the flu, it’s totally worth a trip to your doctor’s office. But if it’s just a case of period flu, then it’s nothing these tricks and some Ruby Love can’t fix. Shop everything you need for a leak-proof period here!


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