Exercises That Help With Period Pain

Exercises That Help With Period Pain

We know we’re crazy for even suggesting that you should be doing any physical activity while on your period, but just hear us out... okay? Not only is exercising on your period linked to reducing cramps (hello natural remedy!) but exercise is also known to raise your endorphin levels. When your endorphins levels are high, that means your body is producing more serotonin which is the happy chemical within our brain! So if exercise makes you happy then you can say goodbye to those period blues! And what better way to exercise than with a pair of leak-free leggings that can hold up to 2.5 tampons worth of flow?! That’s right! Ruby Love has period-approved leggings for those days at the gym where Aunt Flo decides to tag along. Until then, check out these exercises that are perfect for when you're feeling a little extra crampy!


Pelvic Tucks

This workout is great for getting the blood flowing (no pun intended) and relieves lower back pain you might experience during your period. This movement also helps to strengthen your back! To achieve these results, lie on your back, place your feet hip-width apart, and slowly lift your hips up off the ground, then slowly bring your hips back down to the ground.


Glute Lifts

This exercise is not only great for strengthening your core but will help relieve bloating you may feel while on your period. To do this exercise place you forearms on a sturdy piece of furniture. Then walk forward until your body is making an L shape. Lift up your right leg straight behind you and then begin to slowly lower it back down. Do this repeatedly for 30 seconds while also keeping your abs tight. Switch to the other foot and do the same movements.


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The Rockette

This workout helps in engaging your abs, which might not seem like a good idea during your period, but this move is known to actually help relieve cramps and discomfort due to your period. Lie on your back and slowly lift your head, shoulders, and legs off the floor so that your back is on the ground. One leg at a time, lift them up off the floor and bring them up above your hips. Alternate this movement for your legs while keeping your core engaged.


Seated Twist

This exercise is meant to bring relief to your abdomen area and liberation to the entire back which will be great for you during your period. To do this workout, start in a seated position with your legs out in front of you. Continue by bending your right knee and bringing your right foot to sit next to your left knee. While sitting tall, flex the extended leg, inhale, and then extend the left arm up towards the ceiling. Next, rotate the spine towards the bent leg without lifting either hip from the floor. Do these same movements with your other leg.


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