5 Things Your Gynecologist Wants To Know

5 Things Your Gynecologist Wants To Know

Going to the gynecologist can be kind of daunting sometimes, especially if it’s your first time going. But there is truly no need to worry! The doctor is there to help you with any questions you may have about your period or your body. Just know that they are going to have some questions for you as well. Here are a few things your gynecologist is going to need to know to help you out!


If There Are Health Issues In Your Family

It’s important for your doctor to know if you have had any health issues within your family. This mostly includes cervical cancer, breast cancer, or any other diseases that women are prone to. This is because if you do have a family history of these things then they can get on top of it quickly. They’ll do screenings for these diseases earlier than normal so that they can get ahead of any issues that might come up.


Your Menstrual Cycle

This is very important for your gynecologist to know. They are going to need to know EVERY detail! If your period is heavy or light. Irregular or on time. What you use during the month, whether it's pads, tampons or reusable period underwear, like the ones from Ruby Love! There is no such thing as TMI for your gynecologist because you really want them to know EVERYTHING!




Your Method Of Birth Control

If you are on birth control and seeing a new gynecologist, it definitely something they are going to need to know about! They want to make sure the method of birth control you are on is the very best for you. They might even suggest a change in birth control if they know of one that will help you in the long run! Be sure you are very specific when you tell them what you are taking or



No, they really don't need to know about your mild cat allergy. It’s not like they are going to use cats in that exam room. But it is very important for them to know if you have a latex allergy or an allergy to certain medications that you are not able to take. Be sure to tell them if you have a latex allergy before your exam starts because if this is the case then they will have to change their gloves to ones that are latex-free!


If Your Period Is Painful

We get it, most periods are painful especially with cramps but it is important for you to speak up if the pain is unbearable. You should not have to be missing out on school, work or just life in general if your period pain is making it impossible to do things. This type of period pain could be a symptom of something greater, so speak up for yourself!


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