4 Benefits of Birth Control Pills

4 Benefits of Birth Control Pills

Did you know that “the pill” has so many benefits other than just preventing unwanted pregnancy (even though that is the ultimate benefit)? Well, it does! If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should be taking birth control, then keep on reading to help yourself make that choice!


Regulates Period

Let’s face it, periods can sometimes be really unpredictable. Yes we know that you're supposed to have a period every 28 days, but sometimes it comes in 26 days or 30 days, or whenever it wants to come even if you’re at your school in the middle of a final and you weren't scheduled to have it for another week!!! ...Not that that's happened to me or anything. Where was I? Right, so your period can sometimes come totally without warning. That's where the birth control comes in. It helps you regulate your period and makes it come the same exact time every month!


Period Skipping

Not only can you regulate your period while on birth control but you can also skip your period using birth control (thank you science)! In fact, using birth control to skip your period is the only actually safe way to skip your period. To skip your period using birth control you just don't take the sugar pill week and instead, you continue with a new pack! It’s honestly that simple. This is great for if you're planning a trip where you know you won’t want to have your period of the trip. But if skipping your period isn't your thing then no worries, you can still have a great time in the pool, ocean, or laying out in the sun with some cute leak-proof period swimwear by Ruby Love!



No, it doesn’t cause acne but it can definitely help reduce or even get rid of your acne altogether. Acne during your period is caused by your hormones fluctuating and causing imbalances in your skin. The pill is basically made up of hormones that stop ovulation from happening, which means that it also stops these imbalances from happening. So if you suffer from bad acne during your period and you’re sick of it, going on the pill might just be the solution for you!


PMS Symptoms

If you are prone to some pretty bad PMS symptoms like bad cramps or headaches, the birth control pill could really help you out. But disclaimer for this, it doesn't actually stop these symptoms from happening (bummer, right?). But your gynecologist can prescribe you certain birth control that lets you only have your period every few months or even just once a year, which is amazing in itself. Because you are only getting your period every few months, that also means that you will only get these PMS symptoms right before that period that only happens every few months.


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