Top 3 Endometriosis Insta Influencers You Should Be Following

Top 3 Endometriosis Insta Influencers You Should Be Following

If you're living with endometriosis, you’re not alone. An estimated 200 MILLION women worldwide live with this invisible disease. And some of those women are awesome, super cool Instagram influencers! They offer things like tips and tricks to help you deal with your endo symptoms, words of encouragement for the days that are extra bad, and share what people say to them about their endometriosis. For lots of people, seeing this type of content could really help them not feeling so alone about their illness. Here are a few of our favorite endometriosis Instagram accounts that you should be following!


Kellie Niebling

Based in Australia, Kellie didn't get an official diagnosis for over 10 years and now that she finally has one, she has made it her mission to educate people about what having endometriosis means to her and to 1 in 10 women who are also living with this. She states that “So many women have suffered in silence because society basically told us it was normal for women to be in pain and wrong to talk about it.” She also shares many body positive photos. Often they are photos showing her what it's like when she gets “endo belly” which is when the abdomen gets inflamed from a flare-up of the disease. You can follow her at @thatendogoddess


April Christina

April has been through a lot in her life. Two surgeries, intense leg pains, all to find out that she has endometriosis. She started her Instagram blogging journey when she realized the closest endo support group was hours away from her home in NYC. Once she saw that many other women were having the same problem of not having anyone to talk about these issues with she knew she had to do something. And that's how her Instagram page was born! She chats with women from all over the world who also live with endo and she views having endometriosis as a sort of sisterhood. She says that “Every time you see someone and hear that they have endometriosis, they’re automatically your sister because they can understand what you’re going through.” If you want to follow her you can find her at @imaprilchristina


Steph Dobrowolski

Steph is another endo warrior that was cursed with a very delayed diagnosis. Her Instagram account is called @TheEndoProject and it has become a safe space for women living with endometriosis. Steph talks about how she feels bad when she discusses how she is dealing with endo stating, “I’ve always been afraid to share my story, as I thought that there were others out there that most likely had it worse … or would perhaps judge me.” She also makes t-shirts and sells them with the help of her Instagram account. Five dollars of every purchase goes to the Australian organization Endometriosis Queensland. You can follow her (and purchase one of the awesome t-shirts that she designs herself) at @theendoproject


A lot of women living with endometriosis say the hardest thing about the invisible illness is that no one actually understands how sick they actually are. So if you are struggling with and living with endometriosis and you want to see other women who live just like you, give any of these accounts a follow.


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