5 Things You Need To Survive That Time Of The Month

5 Things You Need To Survive That Time Of The Month

No matter how many times you've gotten your period it can feel like the period pain, the bloating, and the cravings are unbearable every time. But don’t fear! We’ve put together a list of a few things you should do when that time of the month comes around.


Dark Chocolate

“But I don’t want chocolate when I’m on my period,” said no one ever. Let’s face it, chocolate is the BEST treat while you’re on your period. But did you know that dark chocolate is the ultimate chocolate for you to have on your period? It’s true! Dark chocolate that is 65 percent cacao contains magnesium which is known to help in relieving period cramps. So cuddle up with that heating pad and snack on a little dark chocolate and you’ll be a happy camper!


Heating Pad or Hot Water Bottle

This one might be a given for a few people out there but a heating pad or hot water bottle is the number one thing you need if you experience bad period cramps. The reason heat on your abdomen works so well for relieving cramps is it reduces the constriction of your blood vessels and can improve blood flow to the uterus. A heating pad that doesn't require a plug is recommended to prevent overheating and electrical fires. If you don't have a heating pad but need one ASAP, put non-instant rice in a clean tube sock, tie it off, and put it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and you've got yourself a heating pad!



Comfy Clothes

Why torture yourself with the discomfort of your tightest skinny jeans while you are at your most bloated? That's right, you shouldn't! For this week, opt for something more comfortable like leggings or even those trendy sweatpants that everyone wears as normal pants. Or choose an option that is two solutions in one. Our PantyProp leak-proof legging! A pad and leggings all in one that can be worn by itself or with additional protection depending on your flow!



Another thing that is GREAT to have during your period is hot tea. There are tons of different teas out there that can help relieve various period issues. One of the best teas that you can drink for your time of the month is a tea infused with ginger. Ginger helps soothe the stomach if you are feeling a little off during that time of the month. Green tea is also a great, soothing tea you can drink during your period. Not only will it make you feel warm and cozy on the inside but if you are trying to avoid coffee on your period and you need a little jolt of caffeine, green tea is a great substitute.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great natural remedy for headaches if you don't want to take ibuprofen to relieve it. You can either use it as a roll-on directly on your forehead or put it in a diffuser so the oils can fill the whole room. The best oils to use for headaches are peppermint oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, chamomile essential oil and eucalyptus oil. There are certain ways you need to use these oils as you cannot just apply these to your skin without diluting some of them. But once you find out what oil is the right one for you, you will be thanking yourself later that you have found your essential oil holy grail!

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